For a period of time in the war, the Galactic Affiliation of Freedom was capable of maintaining a strong presence in orbital and space battles, but still struggled with getting troops onto the surface of enemy strongholds. The United Cause utilized the urban terrain of inhabited planets to protects their anti air defenses, knowing that the GAF would not be able to attack such locations from orbit without causing massive civilian casualties. In response to this tactic, the GAF devised a new solution to the problem. Using their understanding of gravity manipulation, and combining it with technologies and techniques learned from the Fra’al, the GAF was able to design a collection of prototype armor suits. Within these suits, soldiers could be launched from orbit into a planet at incredible speeds, making it impossible for enemy anti air defenses to react quickly enough to target them accurately. The moment before impact, the suits would manipulate the gravity around the area, allowing the wearer to reach the planets surface, relativity uninjured.

To further improve the effectiveness of these suits, IOES pilots were implanted with nano computers that allowed their neural input and suit diagnostics to be fed to a single member of the team who could then disseminate that information as necessary to other members of the team. This increased the teams efficiency significantly, unfortunately the incredibly high risk inherent to these teams missions resulted in high casualties, especially in circumstances in which the team leader was not able to handle the stress of the neural link.

The last combat effective Spider team was lead by Angelous Baker. A soldier mortally wounded in combat, and revived through Mechalus technology and inhibited by a powerful AI known as the Spyder. The team was ambushed during a mission and nearly all members were either killed or captured. Many of the members have been rescued while even more remain unaccounted for.

Owen Johnson
Caitlin Pridista
Eric Byte
James Gallion
Alexandria Pridista
Vort Kent

Roland Rez
Mike Diez


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