Trauma Pack I


Cost: $200
Available: Common
Mass: 1 kg


The trauma pack is armed with microinjectors and tiny stores of various medical supplies. It provides a -2 step bonus to the user’s Knowledge-first aid skill checks, or a -3 step bonus to Medical Science-treatment skill checks. Better yet, the onboard computer’s program allows characters untrained in first aid to check as if they had a skill of first aid 3. Finally, if the trauma pack is positioned over the site of the injury and set to automatic mode, it can use Medical Science-treatment on fallen heroes with an effective skill score of 12. Trauma packs can be used in the following modes

Heal stun damage: A single check restores 2/3/4 stun points to the victim, depending on the users success.

Recover consciousness: A single skill check awakens an unconscious victim and restores 2/3/4 stun points. If the victim was knocked out through loss of his wound points, he regains 1 wound point.

Heal wound damage: With two consecutive successful skill checks, the trauma pack heals 4 wound points of damage.

Staunch mortal damage: With a successful skill check, a mortally injured character is stabilized and need not make Stamina-endurance checks related to mortal damage for the duration of the scene.

The trauma pack contains supplies for six applications, after which is must be refilled at a cost of $100.

Trauma Pack I

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