Eric Byte

Bought one too many tickets aboard the crazy train.


File Name: Eric Byte ""Nibbles"
Species: Human Cyborg
Gender: Male
Age: 26

Primary Military Specialty: Marksman
Secondary Military Specialty: Grid Pilot and Technology Specialist
Affiliation: Unknown
Unit: Missing In Action
Rank: Discharged due to unstable psychiatric profile


Though mostly human in appearance, it is highly debatable whether or not there is a single unaltered organ within Eric Byte. He seems to be more cyberware than organic, and makes the Mechalus seem like they crunchy granola. The last recorded sighting of Eric Byte without his powered armor report that he aptly fits the description of a “Cyber-punk”. His head is adorned with a mow-hawk of fiber optic follicles allowing him to change his hair color at any time; though his common preferences seems to be neon blue or orange. His eyes, both optical implants, were constructed to have a gold iris with a dark blue pupil. Overtly unpleased with the limited capabilities of his implants he is almost always seen with an informational visor or glasses covering his face. His ears, though supposedly still natural, are littered with studs, piercing, and microchip with minimal evidence of the sub dermal communication devices implanted within. If the picture hasn’t already been painted, the entirety of Eric Byte’s appearance is dappled with technological enhancements, even to his very epidermis, which has been entirely replaced by a digital synthetic skin that allows it to constantly change and adapt as he pleases. Though useful for tactical reasons, his most predominant use for this digi-skin is the continual presence of a “nibbles” snake arbitrarily wandering about his body.

Presently though, all sightings of “Nibbles” have reported him in his powered armor suit. It has even been rumored that after his cyber tolerance was overcome and the cykosis took hold of his psyche that he began making alterations to his suit that would continue to filter the nano bodies out of his blood to ensure that his cykosis would not kill him in the end. This sort of dialysis has apparently made all of his veins a shiny silver color. This disfigurement – a temporary solution that enables him to continue adding tech to his already cyber ridden body wouldn’t be necessary with proper medical attention.

His suit, a bastardization of the traditional Spartan suit has been altered to look almost monstrous. His helmet has been adjusted to look more like a lizard than a human shape, and sharp metallic “razor teeth” have been added for “poetic” effect – looking as he has begun to describe the “dragon imbedded within him” a reference to the Nibbles character constantly wandering about his skin. Apparently the previous graphics could not do justice to the horrific nature of the beast trapped within its 8 bit confines. Worse than the intentionally animalistic alterations of his suit is his additional human adornments. Mounted to the back of his suite are two human skulls – almost tribally mounted to his figure. When asked, he claims that they provide much needed insight into his path – alerting him whenever he is about to retrace his step – an unforgivable sin in his eyes. Adding even more barbarism to his suit is the blood of his victims which is only ever cleaned off when the functionality begins to become affected. Needless to say, his appearance is shocking.

Eric Byte’s cykosis has caused him to develop two different personalities – He is both Eric Byte, but he is also “The Wyvern”. Refusing to accept the Nibbles worm as merely earth dwelling slug, he attests that the graphics limited the original dragon-esk character from being portrayed in its full potential.

Eric Byte is by many definitions sane, but he is obviously suffering many of the same effects as his schizophrenic counterpart. Eric isn’t cruel, and is actually quite loyal to those whom he has formed previous relations with. The trouble is, that his paranoia doesn’t permit him to trust anyone whom he doesn’t already know, or isn’t in the GAF data base. He uses his skillful hacking abilities to closely analyze everything about any individual long before he chooses to speak with you. The microprocessors in his head make this seem almost effortless, and he can be studying you even while conversing. As the GAF moves further away from digital filing though, to avoid the risk of grid infiltration, Eric becomes less and less trusting of those who try and claim allegiance. When Eric actually chooses to speak with you, he often comes off extraordinarily brash, straight forward, and just plain rude. It is difficult to keep track of conversations with him because he is rarely talking about only a single subject. The multiple functionalities of his brain are always so active that it is has become difficult for him to recognize the inability of others to keep up with what is being said. If you can actually interest Eric, and get his undivided attention he becomes quite conversational. He is extremely smart, and has an entire grid of information behind him to assures a lively and well informed dialogue no matter the topic.

The Wyvern lives in the past, and has very little regard for the future. All of the rage and malice from his previous encounters with the UF, paired with the lack of morality and compassion inherent of the artificial intelligence makes him a calculated mercenary interested in nothing but vengeance. He is meticulous in his actions and views the world as an extension of the grid. He doesn’t recognize emotions, and relies entirely on calculable variables. It is rare that he will ever speak while embodied by this persona, but if he does it is only when he is searching for an answer unavailable within his networks or prerecorded data. If in doubt, and unable to retrieve the needed answers safely he will always assume hostile intent and shoot before questioning. A key signifier of which personality Eric is inhabiting is how scrupulously he watches where he has traveled to insure he doesn’t retrace his steps – an effect of the Nibbles programming running through his cybernetic psyche.

The anomaly which is Eric Byte began on the small planet Narveious. A planet known for its peaceful neutrality was a mecca for religious enthusiasts seeking a planet without spiritual restraints for Taoist or Buddhist practitioners. Taken in by a local monastery after his abandonment at the age of five, Eric learned about the Taoist religion and was taught to practice many of its traditions. Though not convinced of the spiritualistic aspects of the religion, Eric’s ability to meditate and focus without mental or physical distraction were honed to an almost supernatural level. Taught to block out anything but his own thoughts and existence, he was unknowingly training for his future career as a GAF sniper.

This unseeming career began shortly after the UF’s “unification of religion” legislature. As an example to the other planets of what the consequences of insubordination were, they planned to ruthlessly decimated the entire planet after they refused to deconstruct their temples. The GAF, hearing of the attack, mounted a counter attack as a display of support to the verge planets. These efforts, though ultimately futile, enabled many of the inhabitants to be evacuated before the UF took the planet. Unfortunately, Eric was not one of these evacuees. Instead, Eric was found in the aftermath by the GAF recovery crews. After weeks in the infirmary, two cybernetic optic implants in place of his eyes, and some skin mesh grafting Eric was released from GAF care. At which point, he realized that he had nowhere to go. Having never even left the ship, he enlisted.

His talents for body and mind control, paired with his new implants allowed Eric to excel past his other trainees, and he was quickly assigned a position in an elite experimental squadron known as the Spartans as their designated marksman. Along with his new found specialty for sniping, Eric’s run in the GAF also gave him his first taste of technology. Unlike many who would scorn his new implants, Eric became almost obsessed with the prospects of what cybernetic implants could do. After having a nueroprocessor installed, as well as an NI-Port Eric began utilizing micro-surveillance cameras linked to his optic implants to better survey the battlefield. It is believed that this is the first scenario in which a his body began to suffer cykosis.

Though wonderfully capable or focusing on each perspective all at the same time, the technology mixed with his trained meditation techniques began to require at least a portion of his mind be focused on a singular idea; continuously. Ironically, Nibbles was what grounded Eric. A constant focus upon an otherwise useless subject allowed him to continue to work effectively in all other areas of his processing. Eric continued to get more implants and became more and more reliant upon his ability to interact with both the physical world and the grid world. Though still not effecting his personality or performance, he was getting closer and closer to his eventual breaking point.

The control that Byte had over his mind and body made it appear, by all significant testing, that there was absolutely no threat of cykosis. For this reason the GAF even encouraged multiple other implants that allowed Byte to act as both a hacker and a grid pilot when necessary on missions. This all changed however with the fall of the Starduster IV.
Once Eric’s home ship had been destroyed, he found himself even further on the verge. Sent to a seemingly isolated planet to try and stir tactical rebellion Byte found himself not only in a place to receive further, unchecked cyber implants. More importantly though he found himself out of direct contact with a stable grid and database system. Having become so reliant upon his secondary sources to inform his actions, beliefs, and ideals the cybernetic microbodies in his blood stream instead began making decisions for him. The cykosis, though only moderate caused his personality to change. He began to develop paranoid tendencies, and with less and less connection to GAF networks he began to become less and less trusting of his supposed “reinforcements”. Needless to say, this final mission of Eric’s didn’t turn out how the GAF assumed it would.

By the end of their final encounter and uprising against the UF forces planet side not only had Eric killed one of the soldiers sent to help him in his cause, he also sent Amanda Sheen into the enemy base on her own to be captured, and his final tactic resulted in the death of two Fraal officers assisting him. Furthermore, Eric created one of the largest acts of anarchist terror that grid had ever seen. The final outcome was a destroyed UF base, the UF’s top grid pilot assassinated, and multiple members of the elite xD squadron killed. More importantly though, was the complete destruction of the grid within that part of the verse.

Without direct connection to the GAF mainframe Eric’s cykosis had no anchor of control as to who was friend and who was foe. Nor could he receive another mission, or further orders. Without direction he feel deeper into the chaotic reign of his cybernetic counterpart. The wyvern as Eric calls him took control over Eric’s body and mind. He began a massacre beginning planet side of anyone affiliated with the UF. Whether it was people trading with them, informants, or even local supply stores that had helped provide necessities to their troops. After his sovereignty of terror came to completion planet side he set off after the UF ship that had escaped with Amanda Sheen on it.

Since then, as the GAF continue to eliminate more and more ties to the grid in an attempt to make themselves less vulnerable, Eric has been more and more lost. Scarcely does anyone in the service receive any coherent messages from him, and those are almost always coordinates of UF ships, bases, or supply depots that the wyvern has laid to waste.

Before the fall of the grid it was more obvious what Eric’s motives were. He was dedicated to the cause of destroying all UF presence on the Verge (as for the core, they could fend for themselves…turncoat bastards) and having fun while doing it. His almost laissez faire attitude emerged after joining the GAF; an extremely alternative attitude than what was present planet side. It is rumored that this more radical personality was the earliest symptoms of his cykosis – seeing that it was a drastic change from his pre-surgery self.

Currently, as the Wyvern it is more difficult to tell what inspires Eric’s actions. It is assumed that without direct orders he has taken to a “search and destroy” mentality with little remorse for who is being destroyed, or how, as long as there is some shred of evidence that they might, at some point have been or may in the distant future, be affiliated with the UF.

It is said that in the past Eric was adamant about fitness – both of the body and the mind. He also tinkered with technological inventions; fascinated by its new found availability. Though he never officially got involved in any R&D it did lead to some interesting “battle field toys” as he called them. Later in his career he became more enthralled with the idea of a secondary existence on the grid – where he originated the code name the Wyvern. Oh yeah, and Nibbles…

Nibbles, technology, cyber implants and manipulations, paranoia, schizophrenia, cykosis, bad puns, violent over reactions, occasional masochistic and homicidal tendencies.

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Eric Byte

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