Alternity - Tides of War

The Buzz 090613

Good evening lost souls, This is Buzz here giving you another update on the latest happenings here on our little crater on Nibiru. We got a new shipment in today and our Lady Pridista was kind enough to loan a handful of them to me so that I could show them around. You’ve all been through the circuit before. Fitz down at the armory herd word that there would be a drug test in the near future so to whom it concerns be warned, though lets all be honest, we all know they are looking for more than just drugs in those blood tests. Now Tony is blaming me for all the attempted foul play going on down at medical. Open your eyes Tony, if there’s foul play on those tests, it’s on your side of the counter, not ours!

The new fish I picked up from the dock were quite a catch. We even have a celebrity in our midst. I’ve uploaded a few reruns of her hit sitcom for anyone who isn’t already familiar with her. There was a lively T’sa girl in the group. Whoever taught her how to work the Espresso machine, we all appreciate the show, but lets try and keep her off the Jo for a bit. She tracked dirt from the range all down the hall and we all know someone’s gonna have to clean that up. Speaking of the range, Strikes says they’ve got a crack shot who shows some promise, though she says their gunner struggled a bit with the CLMG. Lets be honest, who Hasn’t struggled with that hunk of metal. If I had a cred for every time someone complained to me about that weapon I’d have enough to buy the patent to a weapon that Doesn’t jam every three seconds, but I hear if you get one of those babies running smooth is purrs like a hellcat. Anyways, Reggie gave them all a once over and says they are sane enough for duty, not that the GAF is all that picky these days, but that’s good enough for me!

Rumor has it a wave is bring Kat back in the next day or so and we all know what happens at sunrise so until then, keep your nose clean, your eyes open, and your ear to the ground. There may be a storm coming, but I guess that only matters on the shore. Buzz, out.



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