Combat Specs
Warriors who rely on physical power and endurance to supplement their training in the tactics and techniques of battle. Combat Specs are walking arsenals who employ both technology and their own bodies as weapons in the pursuit of their chosen profession. Typical combat specs find work as mercenaries, bodyguards, and soldiers.

Those who use interaction skills and personal resolve to accomplish their jobs. They specialize things done through bargaining heated discussion, and even guile. Diplomats are typically hired as negotiators, managers, deal-makers, merchants or clergy.

Free Agents
Troubleshooters or field operatives who rely on agility, interaction skills, and natural independence to get a job done. They’re agents who may be ops for hire, or they may have ties to a specific government or organization,but in general they work better in small groups than as members of a large force. Free Agents don’t typically have ‘jobs’ as most people would understand them, and are usually found as Pirates, Con Artists, Burglars, and Thieves.

Mindwalker is the common name given to those characters who have dedicated their lives to the use of mental powers. Other names for Mindwalkers are menatlists, psions, psychics, psychers or headcases. Being a mindwalker is not so much a religion or profession as it is a dedication to a way of doing things. Their purpose in life is to fulfill some type of useful function that they are suited for, considering their abilities. Mindwalkers almost always wear some type of distinctive uniform (usually light blue) or medallion to signify their profession. This is not only a source of great pride for them, but required by law on many planets.

Tech Op
Aka technical operatives, or Techex (Technical Expert) are skilled in the use of particular equipment or have been specially trained to build, direct, maintain, and repair his employer’s technical equipment, computers, and robots. They rely on natural genius, agility, and expert training to accomplish their goals. Typical positions held by a tech op include computer expert, corporate robotics development, research and maintenance personnel, private contractor, or technology.

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