Below is a list of missions prepared for the campaign. While I encourage players to take an active role in deciding what path of missions they choose to attempt to complete, it should also be understood that while the players may choose a mission, the players characters have little or no say in what mission they are assigned to.

Title: A simple catch phrase for the mission with a link to a brief explanation of what the mission entails. Here it will also be listed if the mission is available, or already completed. If a mission is not available, it is usually because another mission from a lower Tier level needs to be completed first.

Support: This field denotes what type of support characters are either required or suggested. Under most circumstances, only one support NPC may join the party per mission. If a player character sufficiently meets the requirements listed in this field, They may chose to take on that role, and any other available support character may join the party for the mission.

Type: A general description of what style of mission it will be.

Objective: A very brief description of the mission objective.

Available Missions

Everyone Needs A Guardian Angel
Support: Specialist: Ship Mechanic & Diplomat
Type: Infiltration / Raid
Objective: Extract Angelous and his crew off of a hostile planet.

Out Came The Sun
Support: Any
Type: Assault/Rescue
Objective: Destroy Terraforming Compound and Release Spyder

Completed Missions

Communication Tower
Support: Requires: Marksmanship Specialist
Type: Raid
Objective: Recover Communications Intel

The Value of Information
Support: Requires: Celest Share or Howitzer
Type: Diplomacy
Objective: Make contact with Grant and elicit him into providing you with information.

Alley Cats Meow
Support: Requires Caitlin Pridista
Type: Raid
Objective: Release freedom fighters by destroying a prison facility.

Follow the Paw Prints
Support: Requires: Crew Served Weapons Specialist
Type: Rescue
Objective: Assault Convoy and Rescue Cpl Vort Kent

A Rose By Any Other Name
Support: Requires Alexandria Pridista. Infiltration Vehicle
Type: Assassination
Objective: Infiltrate facility, Assassinate Target, Gather Intel and Extract Cpl Pridista

Sin City
Support: Requires: Mindwalker
Type: Infiltration
Objective: Infiltrate the Aerial hotel and casino on Pompeii and successfully acquire control of Aurthur Carreras, renowned UC weapons and munitions supplier.

Support: Requires Aurthur Carreras under the control of the Fraal mind link.
Type: Infiltration / Raid
Objective: Infiltrate facility, Extract Prototype, Gather Intel and Destroy Facility if possible

Supply and Demand
Support: Requires: Explosives Specialist
Type: Raid
Objective: Seize or Destroy Enemy Resupplies

The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Support: Requires: Amanda Sheen, Caitlin Pridista, Owen Johnson, or James Gallion.
Type: Assault and Extraction
Objective: Race against a trained UF rescue team to obtain a key UF scientist in the aftermath of a GAF assault on a under cover research facility.

The Water Spout
Support: Requires: Explosives Specialist. or Markmans Support
Type Raid
Objective: Destroy the chemical research facility and retrieve an experimental serum.

Down Came The Rain
Support: Requires: Amanda Sheen, Caitlin Pridista, Owen Johnson, or James Gallion. Suggested: Arial Support
Type: Assault
Objective: Aid Byte in his assault against enemy complex.


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