The Galactic Affiliation of Freedom relies primarily on charge weapons for their soldiers. The technology and supplies necessary to maintain that style of weapon is affordable, reliable, and available to the GAF. While the GAF is generally flexible when allowing the use of personal arms and armor among its troops, the 11mm Charge Rifle is the standard issue to all GAF soldiers. Due to the difficult situation that the GAF finds itself in at this point of the war, most of its more important operations are handed by small, well trained teams. When using such teams the GAF provided a standard load out of equipment as shown here.

Basic Gear (10kg)
Combat Knife (1kg)
Rucksack (1kg)
Standard Issue Softsuit (3kg)
Comm Gear
Trama Pack I (1kg)
Climate Weave Blanket
Flashlight (1kg)
2 MREs (2kg)
Respirator Mask (1kg)

30 Rnd 11MM Clip (.5kg)
200 Rnd 11MM Belt (3kg)

Flare (1kg)
Flash Bang Grenade (.5kg)
Fragmentation Grenade (1kg)
Smoke Grenade (.5kg)
Signal Smoke Grenade (.5kg)

Point Man (20kg)
Basic Gear (10kg)
11mm Charge Rifle (4kg)
Autoflec Shotgun (3kg)
2 Fragmentation Grenades (2kg)
Breaching Explosives (1kg)

Team Leader (20kg)
Basic Gear (10kg)
11mm Charge Rifle (4kg)
Mounted Grenade Launcher (2kg)
4 Fragmentation Grenades (4kg)

Assistant Gunner (20kg)
Basic Gear (10kg)
11mm Charge Rifle (4kg)
Bantam Halflauncher (3.5kg)
2 Bantam Rounds (2kg)
1 Smoke Grenade (.5kg)

Automatic Gunner (21kg)
Basic Gear (10kg)
Modified Assault Class Charged Light Machine Gun (7kg)
11mm Charge Pistol (1kg)
Ammo, 200 rnds. (3kg)



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