Xerred Demm

The Defiant Ones

During the foundation of the UPF, this group acted as the main heart of the organization. Named in honor of those who had, and still would, spill their blood to further the cause against the alien threats towards mankind, Xerred Demm was an extremest group who believed that mankind would not be safe so long as another alien race held any form of power. In time, they developed into something more. Now the name is held by units of elite soldiers, bread from birth to be more perfect specimens capable of protecting human kind and waging ward against their adversaries.

They are known to be ruthless in war, and unyielding both on the battlefield and after. After witnessing first hand how staunchly these soldiers refused to surrender despite all odds, and their reluctance to give into interrogation afterwards, the Fraal began referring to them as The Defiant Ones. In time the GAF shortened the phrase and they are now generally refereed to simply as Defiants. They are highly trained, physically fit, and incredibly determined to complete whatever tasks are set before them. Despite being genetically engineered, they still hold very individual characteristics however they can be easily identified by the unit patch on their shoulder of a single drop of crimson.


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