Character Creation

This campaign will be using most of the standard rules for character generation but I will touch on each step to list any subtle adjustments.

Develop A Hero Concept – This campaign is based in a heavily military setting and so it is expected that your character has volunteered or been in some way enlisted into the Galactic Affiliation of Freedom. While developing your character try to keep in mind not only how or why they joined the military, but also who they were before that.

Choose a Species – The most numerous species in both the Galactic Affiliation of Freedom and the StarDrive Verge setting are Humans with the Fraal being the second most frequent. However it is not uncommon for members of the T’sa or Mechalus to also become involved in the struggle. Therefore these four races are available without restriction as Player Characters.

These are not the only races found in the Verge. With the Gamemaster’s approval Weren or Sesheyan’s can be selected as Player Characters though they are few and far between.

For both balance and roleplaying purposes, only Human characters may choose to use the Mutant template and when doing so will use the ‘Natural Mutations: Individual with unique mutations’ as their Mutant Origin unless otherwise determined by the Gamemaster. Mutants are feared and shunned by most members of the Galactic Affiliation of Freedom who have developed a distaste of the Genetic Mutations often used by the United Federation.

Choose a Career – While I encourage players to have an idea of the career or lifestyle that their characters persued before joining the Galactic Affiliation of Freedom, at this point the players need to determine what specific military role they will be playing withing their unit. The campaign at this time is specific to an infantry unit consisting of four to five people, each filling a specific roll as explained below. Each role has a list of Required Skills. During character creation they must purchase the broadskills and have at least 1 rank in each specific skill listed.

  • Pointman (Ready) – As the spearhead of the team, this team member is responsible for guiding the team, noticing threats in advance, and breaching entryways.

Required Skills: Ranged Weapons: Rifle, SMG, Navigation

  • Teamleader (Team) – This team member is responsible for organizing and leading the team. They are the highest ranking member of the team and therefore take on the responsibilities of caring for and maintaining discipline among their subordinates.

Required Skills: Heavy Weapons: Indirect Fire, Ranged Weapons: Rifle

  • Automatic Gunner (Fire) – Responsible for providing the central base of firepower for the team, this team member carries the extra weight and risks of the teams automatic weapon.

Required Skills: Heavy Weapons: Direct Fire, Ranged Weapons: Pistol

  • Assistant Gunner (Assist) – While not a particularly glorious role, this team member is responsible for providing assistance to the Automatic Gunner while also being fully prepared to assume the Gunners role, should he be rendered incapable of performing it.

Required Skills: Heavy Weapons: Direct Fire, Indirect Fire, Demolitions

  • Designated Marksman (Mark) – An auxiliary member of a fireteam, this team member is expected to supliment the team by providing precise fire on concealed or covered targets.

Required Skills: Ranged Weapons: Rifle(Rank 2), Awareness: Perception(Rank 2)

Pick A Profession – In this campaign, Professions will be viewed more as a characters personal affinity towards one attitude or skill set rather than another instead of actually acting as a characters profession. as such, while it is obvious that most characters would benefit from the Combat Specialist profession, players are allowed to select any profession that they feel would be fitting or useful for their character so long as they can meet the Professions Minimum Ability Score Requirements.

Assign Ability Scores – This campaign does not have any extra restrictions or providing any additional benefits for abilities scores or racial ability score limits. Each player has 60 points which may be assigned to their characters ability scores however they see fitting so long as they stay withing their characters species Ability Scores Limits.

Purchase Skills – Because this campaign will be using the Optional Rules A2/B2, Characters will not start with the amount of skill points listed in the Players Hand Book. Instead each character will start with a number of Skill Points equal to 30 + Three times their Intelligence Score (30+3xInt) however, no skill may be greater than rank 3 during character creation and no more than 5 points may be saved from character creation for later use. Human characters still gain an additional 5 Skill Points during character creation.

Additionally, Instead of the Broad Skills limitations set in the Players Hand Book, each character has no limit to the number of Broad Skills they may learn throughout the campaign, however during character creation a character may learn no more than Six Broad Skills. This number is modified by the hero’s Intelligence-based resistance modifier (6+/-Int Res Mod). Free Racial Broad Skills do not count towards this total.
Skill Points = 30 + 3x Int Score

Assuming that the skills have not already been purchased, each Hero’s military training provides them the “Trained” status, as explained in the House Rules, in the following skills: Swim, Repair, Computer Operation, Direct Fire, Rifle, Combat Armor, First Aid

Select Perks & Flaws – Players are encouraged to purchase perks and flaws up to a limit of three of each. Many of the flaws require involvement from the Gamemaster to determine severity or availability. Custom Perks or Flaws can also be added at the Gamemasters discretion. Perks and Flaws provide one of the primary methods for acquiring Achievement Points. While choosing a flaw that will not ever come up may provide a temporary allotment of extra points, it will stifle character advancement throughout the campaign.

Chose Attributes – As one of the final, and sometimes more time consuming processes in character creation, selecting attributes is optional. Players are welcome to put some thought into these selections, and complete this step after they have played the Hero for a while and allowed him to develop. None the less, it is strongly encouraged that players work towards completing this step eventually. Each hero should have a Motivation, Moral Attitude, and up to Two Traits. These three attributes strongly attribute to aquiring Acheivement Points and by failing to complete this session, characters advancement throughout the campaign will eventually suffer.

Similarly, each hero has an online profile consisting of sections describing their appearance, attitude, background, motivation, interests, & vice. These profiles are instrumental in gaining Learning Points towards recovering spent Last Resort Points. As further enticement to complete these profiles, each hero will be awarded 1 Achievement Point for each section that is completed.

Complete the Hero Sheet – The heroes in this campaign are assumed to have been living a military lifestyle for at least a short time and as such they do not have many personal possessions. However, each player may begin the game owning a few personal effects purchased using starting money as described on page 129 of the Players Hand Book. (use the value rolled, multiplied by ten.)

Character Creation

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