Campaign Setting

This campaign is set in the StarDrive Campaign Setting and follows a war that takes place out in the Verge during the Long Silence.

General Stardrive Summery

As man kind progressed into the future, Their exploration of space began to slowly expand the world around them. During this time the Fraal, an intelligent species of nomadic aliens, revealed themselves to man kind. They explained that they had been watching earth for some time, and finally felt that man kind was ready to accept them. Together the two species shared with each other, culturally, and technologically. Through this symbiotic relationship, the first StarDrive was created. This as a pivotal point for both species. For the first time ever, faster than light travel was actually possible.

A StarDrive engine allowed a ship to enter a “StarFall” during which the ship drifts into a dimension outside of the parameters of regular space. The StarFall last exactly (???) after which the ship returns to normal space, albeit hundreds of light years away from it’s original location. This is often refereed to as “StarRise”. Ships in StarFall cannot be contacted or interacted with in any way, and even though all StarFalls last the exact same duration, ships with more powerful drive engines can travel greater distances during that time.

Harnessing this new technology, Fraal and Man kinda took to the stars with renewed vigor, expanding rapidly and exploring and settling countless new systems and galaxies. During this time they discovered a number of intelligent races. Among them are the Aleeans. Once a star-faring race, these peaceful cyborgs now seem general content with minding to their own systems affairs rather than exploring. The T’sa, Also a star-faring species, have managed to expand significantly in spite of the fact that they lack the technology for faster than light travel. Two other species are well known throughout the universe. The Shayans, a winged, nocturnal species was primitive when they were discovered by a galactic power known as VoidCorp who signed them into a form of indentured servitude by means of a peace treaty, and the Weren, an intelligent but primitive race who live on their home planted, protected from most external influences by (???) who discovered them and work with their people to maintain this arrangement.

Over the centuries there have been server wars on a scale large enough to effect all of mankind and the universe as they know it. This campaign takes place during one such war. However, instead of focusing on the events of the central systems, where a dozen super powers vie for power, instead this campaign is focused on a separate struggle all together. A struggle among the systems on the Verge.

The verge consists of a handful of systems all located on the outermost edge of human exploration. Once connected to the central systems through a complex system of communication satellites, the planets of the Verge now find themselves stranded. The Satellite relays have been destroyed, and the ships and supplies from the central systems have altogether ceased. This became known as the great silence, and it has lasted for over a hundred years with no end in sight.

With no connection to their parent corporations, planets on the verge lost their conviction to the war and instead began to focus their efforts on the trying tasks of surviving without the support they had grown to expect. Some planets failed and their colonies died out. Others continued to develop and explore.

United Cause

The war of the central systems had fallen to the way side, but tensions were still very high for the Verge systems. Expansion and exploration began to uncover the remnants of another race, scattered throughout the Verge. What appeared to have once been an intelligent, star-faring species, now appeared to be entirely extinct. The victims of brutal warfare, and inevitable xenocide. Initially there was no indication of who the attacker was, but several decades after the start of the great silence, scientific teams uncovered evidence of a second species involved in the war. The technology of the second species was unmistakably Fra’al. Word of these findings sent many into a terrified outrage. The Fra’al had always claimed that they had traveled for so long that they had no recollection of their past. Now there was evidence that they had brutally massacred an entire species, leaving no survivors behind. Fear and misplaced anger spread xenophobia like wildfire from one system to the next. This discord was the foundation that led to the formation of the United Federation. Like-minded people rallied together behind the idea that man kind needed to prepare and protect itself from their treacherous alien brothers, who had deceived them for so long. Corporations began to construct fleets so that they would have the power necessary to retaliate against this alien threat and enforce the laws of their new regime. Once a planet has fallen under control of this United Cause, aliens inhabitants were separated from the human populous. In some cases they were detained, in others they were executed.

The UC strives for the betterment of man kind. As such, it is common practice that their soldiers receive gene therapy treatment at a very young age. The goal is to create the most perfect specimen of human kind attainable. A breed of man capable of surviving any threat against his species.

Galactic Affiliation of Freedom

Not everyone was so quick to condemn the Fra’al. Many believed the evidence found against them to be false or misleading, others simply accepted that it was in the past and that the Fra’al they knew now were not the same as their ancestors had been. Many humans had grown up side by side with the Fra’al or other aliens and not everyone was willing to stand aside and watch as the UC committed one atrocity after another. As the UC’s actions grew more sever, it became obvious that something had to be organized to stand against them. Small, loosely connected alliances formed together to create the Galactic Affiliation of Freedom. Unified under one command, the once small resistance became and organized military force. They began to train soldiers and construct fleets of their own.

While the GAF lacks the resources of the UC, it benefits from the combined strengths of the Fra’al, T’sa and Aleeans. This provides them with a technological edge which has kept them in the fight against the superior numbers of the UC forces.

Campaign Setting

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