Alternity - Tides of War

The Buzz 090613

Good evening lost souls, This is Buzz here giving you another update on the latest happenings here on our little crater on Nibiru. We got a new shipment in today and our Lady Pridista was kind enough to loan a handful of them to me so that I could show them around. You’ve all been through the circuit before. Fitz down at the armory herd word that there would be a drug test in the near future so to whom it concerns be warned, though lets all be honest, we all know they are looking for more than just drugs in those blood tests. Now Tony is blaming me for all the attempted foul play going on down at medical. Open your eyes Tony, if there’s foul play on those tests, it’s on your side of the counter, not ours!

The new fish I picked up from the dock were quite a catch. We even have a celebrity in our midst. I’ve uploaded a few reruns of her hit sitcom for anyone who isn’t already familiar with her. There was a lively T’sa girl in the group. Whoever taught her how to work the Espresso machine, we all appreciate the show, but lets try and keep her off the Jo for a bit. She tracked dirt from the range all down the hall and we all know someone’s gonna have to clean that up. Speaking of the range, Strikes says they’ve got a crack shot who shows some promise, though she says their gunner struggled a bit with the CLMG. Lets be honest, who Hasn’t struggled with that hunk of metal. If I had a cred for every time someone complained to me about that weapon I’d have enough to buy the patent to a weapon that Doesn’t jam every three seconds, but I hear if you get one of those babies running smooth is purrs like a hellcat. Anyways, Reggie gave them all a once over and says they are sane enough for duty, not that the GAF is all that picky these days, but that’s good enough for me!

Rumor has it a wave is bring Kat back in the next day or so and we all know what happens at sunrise so until then, keep your nose clean, your eyes open, and your ear to the ground. There may be a storm coming, but I guess that only matters on the shore. Buzz, out.

The Buzz 101313

Buzz here! Finally off of pot cleaning duty and back to humbly serving the good people of Nibiru with the tastiest eats and delicious tales and treats. As I’m sure most of you are already well aware, the fleet took it’s sweet time getting back to us. Looks like the xenophobic bastards are getting better at predicting our jumps so there has to be even more twists and turns to our little game of cat and mouse. Speaking of Kats, she couldn’t follow through with the party we were all so eagerly awaiting, so she provided us with a little show instead! For those of you who missed the little chow-hall tussle, I did my best to catch it on Video. Don’t judge my camera work. I’m a performer, not a producer! Word is that the fleet leaves again tomorrow so for those of you heading out, stay safe and hurry back. The rest of us will hold down this little rock while you’re gone. Buzz, out.

The Buzz 102713

Look what the Kat dragged in! We had an early return from the last mission. Almost a week early in fact. Mums the word of course, but lets be honest, none of us are all that surprised to see a Rifter team come back before the 121 Hour deadline. However, this time, they brought an entire extra team back with them. It appears to have been a medical evac. Word is that James Gallion took a round to the chest. He’s in sick bay and he’s healing up nicely, but keep him in your thoughts guys. Hang in there buddy, and get well soon!

In celebration of the successful mission and the teams early return, we finally got to throw ourselves that long overdue starfall party we have been waiting for! I decided to keep my eye on the new guys and I am happy to say that I was pleasantly rewarded by that decision. The evening began with shots at the door for each of them. Airborne drinks hard, and fast, and his pickup-lines are a little unpolished, so Tony had to tag him out early, trading out Kebdro’s motor cleaner for some water to help minimize the poor guys hangover.

Next up to the plate was Kirk Smith, the newly reappointed leader of this little band of blunderers. He came out swinging hard with Erin as his target, but as usual, Aaron number two came in from the flank, and with Shields at full power, they moved off to the far corner. Unflinching, he re-positioned his feet, pointed to the bleachers, and readied himself for that home run swing. Unfortunately, he was barking up the wrong tree. She toyed with him like a Kat playing with a ball of yarn. I feel your pain man, we have all been there. In the end, he did manage to secure quite an interesting wager, but we will get to that later. He made the wise choice and decided to bunt before striking out completely and by the end of the night it looked like Laura enjoyed his company as much as he enjoyed hers.

Tef slipped off with Kebdro, and while we are all hoping that he was getting a little scale on scale action, it’s much more likely that he was off showing her his engine. I wish that was an innuendo. That fast talking light weight could sink a fleet of ships with his lose lips alone.

And last, but certainly not least, Center stage for the main show, as usually, our very own Sel’daarn Chapman! She came to the party with Fitz, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. However, that’s when things started to get interesting. She took to Kebdros Gin like a fish to water and before long she was stumbling from one embarrassing conversation to the next. The most touching of which was a therapy session with Laura, and the most interesting of course was her short, but very direct, conversation with Caitlin. Remember that wager I breezed over earlier? Well that’s because you have to keep the best for last.

You see, before his second strike, our hero Kirk convinced Kat to agree to a little wager. The exact wording, which I learned through an elaborate game of telephone with a bunch of incredibly inebriated onlookers, was “I bet you two thousand credits that you won’t do something completely outrageous during this party.” So at the end of the night, so as not to be found wanting, Kat won the bet with a quick slap on Sel’s ass, and some whispered words. The two then politely adjourned to the room directly adjacent to the party, where they proceeded to shuck each others clothes, and perform their own live rendition of a nature’s channel mating special. While we all owe Kirk a debt of gratitude, his camera skills were a bit lacking. While we did not get any photographic evidence of a Kat devouring a young Fraal woman, we did get quite a few shots of Kirk’s very interested facial expressions. The camera was backwards dude…. Seriously!?

Hey, “If you can’t beat it, Embrace it.” Welcome to the war Bad Luck Brigade. It’s good to have you!

Buzz, out.

Mission Debriefing - Follow the Paw Prints

Unit – 5166 Bad Luck Brigade

Our team was dropped off at the designated landing point. PFC Tafadzwa guided the team north east towards the ambush location. A few kilometers before reaching that point, Lcpl Smith split off from the team, moving with Pvt Chapman to higher ground where they set up an over watch with the LMG. Myself, PFC Arbourne, PFC Tafadzwa, and Lcpl Gallion proceeded towards the road however our path was interrupted by a canal which we had some difficulty crossing. In the process all of my gear, including the explosive charges we intended to use in the ambush, were saturated. PFC Arbourne worked with PFC Tafadzwa to engineer an improvised explosive device using the triggering mechanism and explosive payload of the extra bantam rounds. I used what remained of the explosives to set a secondary explosive site, however I was unable to reliably set a detonator. Instead I set a flint target and angled it so that I could manually detonate the explosives using my rifle. Our team took cover. During this time Pvt Chapman was able to psionically contact Lcpl Kent and determine that he was being held in the third vehicle of the convoy. Unfortunately, the driver of the lead vehicle stopped the convoy short of our ambush. On command, Lcpl Smith had our team open fire. PFC Arbourne was able to disable the rear vehicle using a bantam launcher before they enemy had time to retreat. The lead vehicle instead attempted to proceed through the ambush point, however PFC Tafadzwas IED instantly delivered a catastrophic kill on the vehicle, leaving the road blocked from both ends. Despite being pinned down, the enemy’s rear turret gunner remained combat effective and delivered a significant amount of damage to our team, rendering Lcpl Smith unconscious and seriously wounding PFC Aurborn before our team was finally able to neutralize him. During the firefight that ensued, Pvt Chapman was able to psychically manipulate the driver of the second vehicle to proceed forward as well, at which point I was able to use my rifle to detonate the second set of explosives. With the rear vehicle disabled, enemy troops dismounted and began to fire on our team. Lcpl Gallion was wounded and lost consciousness. I abandoned my cover in an attempt to draw enemy fire while PFC Arbourne, despite being grievously wounded, moved to Pvt Chapmans location, and took over control of the LMG. With covering fire from PFC Arbourne and accurate fire from PFC Tefadzwa, we were able to neutralize the enemy troops. With our team nearly combat ineffective, Pvt Chapman worked through a mental link with Lcpl Kent to devise a method of freeing him from the final vehicle where he was being held at gunpoint by enemy soldiers. Coordinating the attack, Chapman had Arbourne open fire on the truck at the same time that Lcpl Kent dropped to the floor, giving myself and PFC Tefadzwa an opportunity to open the vehicle from the rear and eliminate the enemy soldiers. Wounded during the firefight, I took refuge in the remaining undamaged vehicle while PFC Tefadzwa, and Lcpl Kent revived Lcpl Gallion and worked with him to stabilize the rest of the team. The team was able to clear the wreckage and drive the confiscated enemy vehicle to the pickup location where it was dismantled and loaded into the ships cargo. Despite suffering several casualties, the mission was accomplished without any friendly fatalities. PFC Arbourne’s ingenuity, and initiate allowed his team to complete the mission despite significant setbacks. His tenacious drive and steadfast loyalty was obvious through his courageous actions while wounded under fire.

- Pvt Caitlin Pridista
What The Buzz!? 112413

Sorry for the delay ladies and gentlemen. I was on the mend, recovering from my misguided attempts at heroic chivalry. We will get to that.. The Riftrunner brought back its battered but victorious crew a few days ago. Nearly all of them spent some time in medical, and a few of them had to go under the knife, but everyone came out alright in the end, but if you think that would be the most exciting thing to happen this week, you would be so very very wrong. Fitz has been bragging about a new set of UC armor that he has added to his collection thanks to a little trade he made with Aurborne, and the tenants in hall 16 reported a little bit of bad weather in love land where apparently Sel had a bit of a meltdown on Arnold. I’m usually not one to go quite so far on the gossip, but its relevant to the rest of the story. The following day, I was happily working at the chowhall when I got a call from Tefadswa who sounded even more frantic than usually. She said there was a fight outside of her room. In all honesty, my original intention was to get a little candied camera action going on, but when I got there the scene was much worse than I expected. The hall way was a mess. There was blood on the walls and doors ripped open. Sel was bleeding out of the back of her head as Smith beat her brutally with a fire extinguisher. Being the gallant Idiot I am, I dove into the fray. Grabbing a hold of smiths legs and dragging him to the floor. While I struggled with all of my strength to hold the enraged maniac down, Sel meandered her way down the hall towards medical. I didn’t learn until later that she had started the fight by trying to murder him with her psychic powers, and what did I get for my heroic display? I got my ear Literally kicked off, and a concussion that sent me to medical for a good portion of the week. The rest I had to hear through word of mouth. I guess the fight crashed it’s way into the medical bay where Sel psychically assaulted Reggie, and ended up traumatizing herself in the process. Smith ended up at the bottom of a dog-pile with Alexandria and Tony. In the end it was a knockout punch from our gentle medic who finally put his lights out. The word is that Both of them were hopped up on Ambrosia, raging to their wits ends, and unable to feel a thing. Now they are both under lock and key in their rooms, with mandatory therapy sessions and daily searches. I guess stitches are my reward for trying to do a good thing. Bad Luck Brigade, I’ve been rooting for you guys since you arrived, but this went too far, and Sel, I’m tired of this shit you are spreading about Laura. She’s been good to everyone on this base. Cut the crap and take responsibility for your own decisions! Kat, Why are you sneaking into the room of a psychotic drug addict. Has everyone on this base lost their fucking minds!? I’m done with it all! You can all Buzz Off for all i care!

Mission Debriefing - A Rose By Any Other Name

Unit – 5166 Bad Luck Brigade

The team arrived at its landing rendezvous point at 1400 120913 where the UC infiltration vehicle was assembled. PFC Tefadswa and Pvt Chapman were put into stasis to hide their alien life signs, and the rest of the team loaded into the back of the vehicle with the exception of myself, and Lcpl Gallion who was assigned to drive the vehicle. The team proceeded unhindered to the designated facility where I dismounted. Allowing a moment for Lcpl Gallion and Pvt Smith to properly identify our inside contact, I quickly moved past them and into the facility. I moved through a room, noting close to a dozen scientists and at least three armed guards. Upon entering the objective, the individual responsible for guarding the database quickly recognized that something was out of place. Before he had an opportunity to react I dispatched of him with my sidearm at which point an alarm sounded and the door I had entered through sealed itself, providing me a barrier from the armed guards I had passed. I quickly attached the device to the terminal, however I also realized that the room, while sealed, was blocking my communications to my team, and likely to the server intended to receive the data from the device. I moved to a defensive position in the room and waited. From my location, I was able to see PFC Tefadswa and Pvt Smith enter the adjourning room with our inside contact. There they made contact with two armed, and now heavily armored UC soldier. Despite PFC Tefadswa’s best efforts, the small area made for an incredibly dangerous environment against the enemy UC soldiers, who were wielding autoflechette shotguns. After sustaining multiple shots at point blank, she was rendered unconscious. It was not until this point that I realized that Pvt Smith was not returning fire because of a weapons malfunction that he was not able to clear quickly enough, and it became apparent that I would need to breech the door and work to resolve the situation. Before I was able to do so, I witnessed Pvt Smith exchange multiple weapons, and continue the firefight until each one jammed in turn. Despite being caught in a life threatening situation that was quickly deteriorating, he kept focused on his objective, and through determination, and quick thinking, kept himself in the fight, and preserved the life of his wounded teammate. Upon realizing that his initial weapon was not functioning, Pvt Smith resorted to using the grenade attachment to fire a smoke grenade. The point blank shot rendered one of his enemies unconscious, and provided the cover necessary to protect himself and his team in the close quarters engagement. Recovering a rifle from his downed ally, Pvt Smith continued to provide accurate fire upon the enemy until that weapon also had a malfunction. Heavily injured, Pvt Smith acquired the fallen UC soldiers weapon and continued, despite increasingly dangerous conditions, to hold his ground. It is at this point that I was finally able to breach the door using my sidearm. Using the smoke screen as cover I moved beside the remaining enemy soldier and attempted to dispatch of him. My first shot was not sufficient to remove the threat. As the soldier turned on me, we each exchanged a shot at each other at point blank range. It is at this time that I lost consciousness. As I learned later, Pvt Chapman and Pvt Smith carried myself and PFC Tefadswa back to the vehicle where we were stabilized and brought back to the designated rendezvous point for pickup. It is my understanding that thorough unwavering decision making and effective employment of both his team and his personal weapon, PFC Aurborne was able to secure and hold the courtyard without anyone in his team sustaining any injuries. Although the mission was a success, I feel that it should be on record that my poor planning left the team without an ability to communicate with with their leadership, and because I did not leave proper instructions on what to do in that case the infiltration team was not left with the proper support to adjust to the adverse situation it found itself in. I believe that, given instructions to do so, PFC Aurborne could have evaluated the situation and allocated his team as necessary to provide additional support to the infiltration team. Furthermore, I understand that my overconfidence in my abilities to execute a fetal shot with my side arm left me in an incredibly exposed situation. As a result my team was left in a very compromised position after I was rendered a casualty. I will not allow these mistakes to be repeated by myself or my subordinates.

- Cpl Alexandria Pridista
Mission Debriefing - Supply and Demand

Unit – 5166 Bad Luck Brigade

The team was dropped of a considerable distance south of the objective. PFC Tefadswa and myself worked to navigate north, however it was more difficult for us to find and efficient method to navigate through the terrain and unfortunately took more time and energy than originally expected. Upon nearing the first objective point, Myself and PFC Aurborne moved quietly through the underbrush until we were able to visually confirm the two targets defending the orbital defense cannon. I attempted to eliminate the enemies quietly. Using precise fire I was able to kill one of the guards, and render the second temporarily unconscious. Unfortunately he regained his senses to quickly for myself or Aurborne to reach him. When I was unable to penetrate his armor with a fourth short, Aurborne was forced to open fire with his LMG. Before he could neutralize the threat, the guard returned fire, wounding Aurborne just below his collar bone. I proceeded past the guard post and set up a surveillance position just inside the treeline along Rout Wisconsin while Lcpl Gallion tended to Aurbornes injuries.

Once gain combat effective, Aurborne and Tafadswa moved to the objective and rigged it with explosives. Meanwhile, Gallion attempted to delay the enemies response by impersonating the guards during a radio check. Even so, an enemy patrol engaged us shortly after Tafadswa had placed her explosive charges. In the thick folliage it was difficult to pinoint the enemy fire until Pvt Chapman used her abilities to illuminate one of the enemy combatants helmets. Following a short firefight the enemy patrol was neutralized, however Chapman claimed to have glimpsed the future and insisted that the explosives already set would be inefficient in rendering the cannons unusable. Rather than risk such an event, Aurborne decided instead to detonate the explosives now. Chapman was right, and the initial charges were not enough to destroy the objective. Another set of charges were placed and detonated. This time the damage was sufficient enough to ensure that the cannon could no longer fire however the sounds from the explosives, and the time it took to set a second satchel charge allowed the enemy more time to prepare for us.

After regrouping and moving through the treeline, and before reaching the munitions main guard post, we came under fire from a second patrol. This one was already lying in wait, watching for us as we approached. Only minor injuries were suffered in the exchange of fire a combination of precise fire from myself and Gallion rendered one of the enemy combatants unconscious, the other quickly moved to an even more fortified position, however Pvt Smith used his rifle to land a series of grenades directly on the target, killing the enemy combatant just as he managed to set off a smoke grenade.

With both patrols neutralized, we began to move towards the second primary objective at the northern most point of the munitions area. Moving through the treeline we were able to spot the enemy post before they were able to spot us. It became apparent that the enemy had adjusted their defenses to prepare for us. The heavy sabot cannon that had been mounted facing north in our surveillance photos was now facing south. As a team we attempted to take out the combatant behind the cannon before he could return fire. We were able to do so, however because he was so heavily armored, it required too many rounds to neutralize him, and a second enemy combatant was able to get behind the weapon before we had an opportunity to focus our fire on him. He quickly opened fire on Aurborne who was fortunate enough to suffer only a grazing wound from the shot. We quickly returned fire on him, and I was able to put a round into his t-box even through his heavily armored combat visor. Unfortunately the enemy was able to get off a second shot with his Heavy Sabot Cannon. This round struck Gallion in the chest, penetrating his armor and instantly rendering him unconscious.

Myself, Smith, and Tafadswa moved forward to secure the objective while Aurborne struggled to stabilize Gallion. After clearing the room, Tafadswa moved to the roof of the outpost and managed to rotate the Cannon back to his original defensive orientation and she then quickly moved to aid Aurborne with Gallion. At this time, I heard another series of shots fired as I took up my overwatch position. To the south, among the bunkers, Chapman was taking fire. She flew up, and back towards us, and when the enemy firing at her continued to pursue her, I was able to penetrate his armor at a weak point and finally neutralize him. I would later learn that he was part of the second patrol we encountered. We believed we had killed him the an earlier firefight, but his armor had protected him so that he was only rendered temporarily unconscious.

With Gallion finally stabilized, I ordered Chapman and Smith to take him inside of one of the munitions bunkers and guard over him while Aurborne and Tafadswa secured the main entrance and called in air support. While the ships were still on approach, an enemy vehicle moved towards the gates. Unable to provide an appropriate pass code we instead attempted to open fire on them however the Heavy Sabot Cannon suffered a miss fire. Myself and Tafadswa opened fire on the approaching vehicles turret gunner, who in turn opened fire on Aurborne. Quickly repairing the Cannon, Aurborne was able to fire on the enemy turret gunner and quickly neutralize him. Tafadsaw and I targeted the driver, but even when our rounds were lucky enough to penetrate the armored windshield, they were never able to then penetrate the driver personal armor. Aurborne was able to fire on the drive, Shattering the protective windshield, but by that point the vehicle was already retreating. Our ships arrived just in time to destroy the vehicle as it attempted to flee the area.

We continued to hold our position while the ships loaded what munitions they could. With the mission completed, we boarded the Riftrunner an completed our egress. Even though PFC Aurborne and LCpl Gallion suffered significant injuries, the mission was completed successfully. Aurborne performed admirably, and I request the he be put in for a meritorious promotion. That being said, I feel like at times the unit struggled from not having defined leadership. Despite his demotion, Pvt Smith continues to show obvious characteristics of being a strong leader. It may be in the best interest of the unit if he is reinstate as a Teamleader in Cpl Pridistias absence.

The team also struggled with neutralizing targets quickly and efficiently, myself included. It became obvious that even with accurate fire, the enemies armor is allowing them significant time to react and retaliate. I propose that an allotment of Armor Piercing rounds be provided on missions where it is expected that teams will encounter heavily armored enemy combatants.

- First Lieutenant Elissa Sheen

The Buzz 030214

The Buzz is Back!

After a short delay in services, the network is back up and running! Someone thought they could work a Hex on me but you know what they say, when you mess with the best… Anyways… A lot has happened so I’ll do my best to get you all back up to speed. The BLB returned from their mission with a badly wounded Alexandri Pridista in tow (Don’t worry, she is doing fine now, and if the rumors are true, the whole ordeal even brought her and her sister close enough that they are speaking to each other again). I guess she decided to go toe to toe with a shotgun and it came out in a tie. Tefadswa and Kirk had to finish off the enemies in a round of overtime that left everyone a little shaken up. By the time they got back to the Rift Runner our Lady Pridista was in pretty bad shape, however apparently Kent too charge of the situation, everyone buckled down, and she managed to pull through and hold it together long enough to get back here and into surgery. Or at least that’s how Erin tells the story, and believe me she does tell it… often… I swear she would not stop going on about Kirk, which at the time had me particularly frustrated because I still wasn’t too fond of the guy after he tried to rearrange the side of my face! He did manage to redeem himself later that night at the starfall party though. The majority of us were discretely waiting to see what kind of show Sel would put on for us, but when Kat was nowhere to be seen and Sel and Arnold snuck off into a closet somewhere to entertain each other with a private performance, the parties attention quickly shifted to a growing argument between Kirk and Erin. She had nothing but pure blasphemy pouring from her lips! and the target of her ire? My Fried Salad. She doubted its deliciousness, but Kirk fervently defended my culinary masterpiece. Now I could have brought up countless individuals to testify on my behalf, but naysayers gonna nay-say. So I figured I’d settle this once and for all with a live demonstration. After one taste, she was sold and once Erin decided she liked it, Everyone liked it. She has that kinda effect on people.

On that note, Erin, if you are reading this, I’m working on a recipe for rich and exotic combinations of some fresh kinds of sexy, and I will cook for you all night long. ;)
(Yeah, I know it’s a long shot, but you’ll never hit anything if you don’t at least take a shot!)

Back to reality. The boys packed their bad luck up into their dufflebags and charged headlong into the next mission, and more literally, into the direct line of fire from a sabot cannon. James Galion has seen his fair share of phantom wounds in the past. I’m not going to say guess as to how much of it’s real or in his head but from what I hear he has seen a good deal of rough combat in the past so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt either way. That being said, there was Nothing phantom about this wound. Kebdro says you could literally see right though the guy. By all accounts he should have come back to us in a body bag, and he would have if it were not for Mr Morphine Fingers. Apparently he is the newest member of the Rift Runner crew. Some kind of medical bot that Arbourn built out of scrap pieces from the ship and left over parts from supply. I heard this all from Tef, who says the creation is quite terrifying. She was also eager to show me the new gift she had gotten from Kebdro. It’s some type of modified navigation gauntlet that lets her map out ventilation systems. I was worried at first that it was going to get her in trouble, but she claimed quite the opposite. She even explained how that morning it had helped her get to PT on time, where she had to wait impatiently for Kirk to finally show up.

With another successful mission behind them they wanted to celebrate. I keep a canteen of Kebdros gin in my barracks just in case I need to celebrate something, even if all I’m celebrating is the fact that I have a canteen of Kebdros gin in my barracks. So it wasn’t hard for them to convince me to throw a party together. James decided to celebrate his return to the living by drinking himself half to death. This was the first time he’d made it to a starfall party here on Nibiru but Kat say’s the two of them used to party from time to time when they were in a unit together. Either way, with the blood thinners in his system it didn’t take long before he was pushing his limit so Tony assigned himself to James and made sure the poor guy didn’t end up dieing a second time this week.

Meanwhile Sel was going out of her mind, or at least claiming she was able to. Something about being able to undo her thoughts or erase your memory. I honestly feel like the more drunk she got, the more it made sense, but by the end of the night she was Trashed, and it was still about as clear as a fog storm. At some point she managed to get herself into a political argument with the Shield twins. Anyone in their right mind would know better, but she was clearly not so the argument just grew more and more heated. At some point Kirk managed to smuggle Erin out to go “look at stars”. Which assuming it isn’t already a innuendo, it’s certainly a joke! The constellations don’t ever shift! Common Command! Are you even trying to fool us!? I digress… This left Aaron in what was quickly turning into a screaming match with Sel, who was quickly losing the favor of the growing crowd. Luckily Kat noticed from across the room and made her way through the crowd. She slipped in just as Aaron stormed off to go find his sister. The angry onlookers quickly became intrigued excited onlookers, who just as quickly became disinterested disappointed onlookers when Kat led Sel out of the room.

Apparently Kirk wasn’t the only one “not making innuendos”. Nemi was kind enough to provide us with these images to encapsulate her night with Aurbourn. She may be shy, but at least she has a sense of humor.



I’ve been chosen as one of a very select few to go out on a mission in the near future. I’ll be sure to post again as soon as I get back. Until then, keep it real, and don’t mess with my network! (I will find you!)

- Buzz Out.
The Buzz 030314

Combat Log 030414

I am writing this entry from deep behind enemy lines. We are deep under cover, surrounded by enemy combatants, cut of from friendly supply lines, surviving entirely off of our wit, training, and dedication to the cause of freedom for all races. Tension is running high. I have come to accept the fact that the lives of everyone on this mission rest on my shoulders, and I fear that I may bucked under the weight of that. In our struggle to maintain our secret covers, I have already made what could be a fetal flaw. If my mistakes cost TL Smith and his teammates their lives, that is a burden that I will have to shoulder for the rest of my life. In the event that my life comes to an end at the hands of our vile enemy, or the vengeful wrath of a scorned teamleader, I hope that this documentation somehow finds its way back to our forces so that our efforts may be remembered. To follow is a list of detailed events as best as I could recall them.

- Pvt Marcus Busbey

The Buzz 030315

With no intention of making anyone jealous, I have to say, if you are not here now you would Not believe the incredible journey I have just been through. The Rift Runner is an Incredible ship, and while I can’t give you any details I will say that she could easily make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. The ride over was a bit different than I expected. We weren’t permitted to leave the cargo bay unless we had proper clearance. It ended up being pretty crowded because the operation is a bit more complicated that I had originally expected and required a large number of people to be involved.

The first team consisted of Kirk, Laura, James, and Cpl Pridista. Kirk will be entering the cassino as a rich big wig, James as his bodyguard, and the two lovely ladies as his arm candy. As such, the team has been affectionately nicknamed the ‘Slinky Dress’ team. Their real job is to profile the target, smuggle the device in, and keep James close enough to reach the target when the time comes. The second team, lead by Airborne, will consist of Tony, Eddie, Tef, and Fitz. Eddie will be in charge of arranging the proper paperwork when needed, Tef will survey the ventilation system (which I heard she began quite eagerly nearly the moment they arrived), Airborne and Fitz will actually fix things, and Tony is there just in case they need some muscle. In theory, their job is to build some kind of explosive, and use it to give James an opportunity to reach the target, as such they have been nicknamed the “Commando Team”. Lastly, Sel will be working with myself, Kat, and Buba to form the Distraction Team!

We spent the ride over memorizing our cover stories and practicing lying. An art that I was surprised to learn I am quite poor at, but I quickly learned that quite a few members of the team were quite adept at it. No judging. We got to pick fake names. Sel stayed as she was, but Kat is going by Crystal, and Ive chosen the name Watsky! A name that I have no doubt will be famous on the planet for quite a while! Even so, none of it really prepared me. Once we landed it all came on in such a rush. Everyone went on a shopping spree to buy new cloths and accessories. Which was a blast for everyone, except for the Commando Team who couldn’t exactly pick up janitor jumpsuits at the nearest fashion store, so Airborne had Eddie adjust the paperwork to make it the casino’s job to provide the uniforms. He may not be a man of many words, but the gears in that mans head are always a-turnin.

The lemo ride to the cassino was wild and it was only the beginning. Kat and Sel look sexy as hell in the hot little skirts they bought. They catch the eye of every guy they pass, which I guess is the point, though it doesn’t make it any easier for me to focus! Sel met up with some old friends Beelzebub and Spartacus have hooked us up with an outrageous suite at the very top of the casino. On the way over we picked up this guy Sam who is using a set of optical goggles to record the whole weekend for some special Sel’s agent agreed to put out. I was feeling some skeptical glares coming my way so I decided to spit some fire and give everyone a little taste of my lyrical genius. Belz was so impressed, he even hooked me up with a little studio recording time. The rest of the night has been insane! The music is banging like thunder, the champagne is pouring down like rain and the cocaine is blowing through here like a fucking hurricane. If you thought Sel was sassy on base, you should see her when they let her off her leash. Some of the shit she says even has Kat blushing. It’s like the most wild, never ending party you could possibly imagine! Which is killing me because people keep pulling me away from it to work a little technical magic and keep the mission on course. I guess I just gotta keep my head above water and keep my mind focused. SPACE VEGAS!

P.S. Erin baby, in the Buzz before this one, I used a pickup line on you that I am now realizing was a Little over the top, so I decided to make up for it by going Way over the top and turning it into a soundtrack, music video and all. I hope you get a kick out of it. Mad props to my man Belz for the hook up. Maybe someday when this war is over, Ill get to chill with you again.

- Buzz
Mission Log – Sin City

Unit – 5166 Bad Luck Brigade

As proposed by PFC Smith, acting squad leader of unit 5166, I will be reporting the details of today’s events as well as a summery of how we expect for the mission to proceed tomorrow.

At 0600 this morning I awoke to find Lcpl Gallion incapacitated by a severe case of food poisoning. Obviously unable to perform his duties, and unaware of how long his condition would persist, it became obvious that for the mission to proceed, plans would need to be adjusted. Pvt Busbey was contacted and instructed to set up a secure communication network with all members of the squad so that a new plan of action could be disseminated. Sqn Ldr Dew, who was apparently already establishing planetside contacts, was able to procure the aid of a local surgeon sympathetic to our cause. He remains on standby in the event that Lcpl Gallion is still not well enough to complete his tasks in the necessary time frame. To further accommodate the situation, HM3 Diez was moved from PFC Arbourne’s team to PFC Smith’s team to fill in the role as PFC Smith’s bodyguard and also to provide medical attention to Lcpl Gallion as needed. Information gathered yesterday evening has provided us with an opportunity to gain control of our high value target. While speaking with him, PFC Smith was able to convince the target that he was working for the UC with intentions of talking PFC Chapman prisoner. Further details of that conversation can be found in Laura Cidney’s attached report.

The mission plan is to proceed as follows.

The morning of 030416 PFS Smith, HM3 Diez, Mrs Cidney, and myself will meet with the target and arrange for an appropriate time to seize PFC Chapman. In the mean time, Mrs Cidney will need to convince the target to go back to his room alone with her. The squad will then split into two teams.

Team 1:
During the raid on PFC Chapman’s room. Mrs Cidney will be responsible for using a series of prescription drugs, obtained by Sql Ldr Dew, that can be used to sedate the target. Once the target has been sedated, PFC Tafadzwa, who will be positioned in the ventilation shaft just outside of the targets room, will drop a concussion bomb, built from salvaged maintenance parts, onto the soldiers guarding the targets room. PFC Arbourne and Lcpl Gallion will be standing near by. When the bomb detonates, they will proceed into the hall way and further subdue the guards as needed. They will proceed into the targets room using the maintenance pass keycard provided by PFC Arbourne, and Lcpl Gallion will install the device. Once the task is completed they will immediately leave the area, Cpl Fitz will shut down the power to the cassino, and Cpl Fitz, PFC Arbourne, Lcpl Gallion, and PFC Tafadzwa will egress and rendezvous with the pickup ship. If at any point during this portion of the mission

Team 2:
In conjunction with the targets security force. Myself, PFC Smith, and HM3 Diez will move on PFC Chapman’s location. While the ultimate goal will be to take PFC Chapman into custody, it will be necessary to delay enough to provide Team 1 with enough time to implant the device in the target. The primary purpose of PFC Busbey, PFC Pridista, Pvt Smith, HM3 Diez, and Myself at this time is to minimize civilian casualties. Once Pvt Chapman is secured. Myself, Pvt Smith, and HM3 Diez will escort her, along with the targets guards, back to his location. The moment the power goes out. Pvt Chapman will begin her attempts to manipulate the targets will. She will convince him to take her to his vehicle, and from there to the pickup ship where men will be waiting to ambush any guards who continue to accompany him.

All remaining squad members will egress to the pickup location. Any team members who are lost or separated and cannot make it to the pickup before 0900 will instead proceed to the Globen Hotel where they will rent room 116 under the alias Erickson. No ID will be required to make the reservation. They will remain there for as long as possible but no longer than 48 hours. If after 48 hours they have not made contact with GAF forces they should proceed with escape and evasion tactics.


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