Drug used to purge foreign substances from the users system


TorpidAntideath, Resurrection, Phoenix Feather, Holy Grail, Bitch Bite, Flush.

Benefits – This powerful drug acts as the perfect combination of drugs, antivenoms, antiviruses, and antibiotics. Torpid is capable of healing 95% of all known ailments including poisons, diseases, drugs and biological warfare.

Drawbacks – Use of this drug is very rough on the user. Instantaneously upon injection the user is inflicted with immense pain that seems to quickly spread through their whole body. Some individuals have described it as feeling as if their blood was on fire, or their soul was trying to tear its way out of their body. This extreme pain will cause convulsions, rendering the user incapable of controlling their body. The torture caused to the users body causes blood pressure to raise which will usually cause mild hemorrhaging of minor capillaries throughout the body. Though easily cured by modern coagulants, this hemorrhaging causes large bruises across the users skin. The heightened blood pressure also gives the user a bad headache that could last days. The whole experience is very taxing and usually leaves the user heavily exhausted for the next few hours and mildly exhausted for the next few days. During this time the user immune system is low and the user should do their best to stay in comfortable conditions. Torpid is not selective in its cleansing process. It will drive out nearly anything it views as unnatural to the body including sometimes helpful medications.

Addictive PropertiesNone: Using torpid is a truly horrifying experience and therefor users never become addicted to it. In fact, most second time users have a very hard time accepting the drug even when it is necessary.

Overdose – If the user takes a second dose of torpid within one week of the first, it will kill him. Under optimum conditions torpid should not be used any more than once every three months and no more than four times in a persons life. In dire conditions Torpid may be safely used within two weeks of the first injection. Even so it will be extremely taxing to the user.

Dosage – The beneficial effects of torpid are almost instantaneous though they still take several minutes to completely cleanse the body.



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