Drug used to maintain prolonged wakefullness


Sunrise – Shakers, Morning Seeds, Everwake.

Benefits – This drug allows the users to sustain a state of self-aware consciousness beyond their natural limitation. This allows users to stat alert and awake even while extremely tired or drowsy. This drug is may simply be used to keep users alert at night when they would normally grow tired. Or it can be used to push a person far beyond the verge at which they would usually collapse from lack of sleep. While under the drugs effects, users feel only the slightest notion of being tired no matter how long they have been without sleep. Drawbacks – Use of this drug causes mild paranoia in a relatively well rested individual. Individuals who have gone without sleep for more than three days begin to suffer more sever paranoia coupled with mild hallucination. Conditions continue to worsen with prolonged use, and may cause permanent mental trauma. Staying awake for prolonged periods of time can be physically rough on the user. Under most circumstances it will take at least two to four days rest to allow the user to reestablish its natural biorhythm. Though in this time the user may be sore or drowsy they are perfectly capable of going about their normal lifestyle. Addictive Properties – Mental: Sunrise is only mildly addictive when used in small doses. When used frequently in larger doses, some users begin to fear the inevitable crash that occurs when they stop taking Sunrise. Coupled with the paranoia that ensues after prolonged usage, some users fall into a desperate addiction. Afraid that if they stop taking this drug, they may fall asleep, and never wake up again. Overdose – Taking more than one dose of sunrise withing 8 hours of the first dose can cause the user to speed up the dangerous side effects of the drug, decreasing the time it takes before the victim suffers from sever paranoia and hallucinations. Dosage – An average dose of Sunrise lasts for 14 hours. For safer prolonged use it is usually recommended that you take the second dose within 10 to 12 hours of the first.


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