SI Softsuit

GAF Standard Issue Camouflage Anti-scan Weave Softsuit.


Armor: SI-Softsuit
Skill: -
AP: -
Type: Ordinary
LI/HI/En: d6/d6/d6-1
Hide: +4
Mass: 3
Avail: Mil
Cost: 6000

Additional Properties:
+1 Penalty against Perception Checks
-1 Step bonus to any Stealth Checks
+3 Penalty against Sensor or Search Checks using infrared, radar, magnetic detectors, x-ray, and weapon detectors.

This customized variation of a CF Softsuit provides the same protective qualities as a standard CF Softsuit as well as providing some basic utility for its wearer. Integrated into its design is a thermal weave making the suit comfortable in both hot and cold environments, and survivable in more drastic temperatures as well. Its exterior is adorned by a pixelated, camouflage design that makes it difficult for observes to see the wearer (Observers suffer a +1 penalty to their Perception rolls), and it also has a thin antiscan weave making it more difficult to detect by surface scans (+3 Penalty to Sensor checks used to detect the wearer). This also allows the user to hide contents in the suit in the event of personal scans (+3 penalty to search checks using electronic detection methods).

SI Softsuit

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