Drug that enhances users night vision


Moonbeam – Nighteyes, Darkvision, Nighlights.

Benefits – Dilates and manipulates users retina to a point that allows almost clear vision even in heavy darkness. Though this does not allow the user to see in pitch darkness, moonlight or the use of specially designed “Bluelights” allows the user to see nearly as well as one would see in broad daylight. Drawbacks – Bright lights are painful and temporarily blinding to the user. After 6 hours of use, the users develops a sharp pain behind his eyes. This headache is distracting and continues to grow worse by the hour. After eight hour, users eyes are sore and aching, and the headache begins to take on properties of a migraine. Addictive Properties – None: The end results of using this drug are usually so painfully discomforting that most users avoid using it unless entirely necessary. Overdose – Active use of ones eyes after 8 hour can begin to cause permanent damage to the users retina. Prolonged use past this point can cause permanent loss of sight, and blindness. This can be avoided by refraining from using ones vision, or by sleeping. But even so, if a user is under the effects of moonbeam for more than 10 hours, even while sleeping, there will be permanent damage. Dosage – A standard dose of moonbeam lasts for 8 hours. Any smaller dose tends to lack severely in sufficiency, and stronger doses are very rare due to their damaging properties.


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