Modified Assault Class 11mm Charge Rifle

weapon (ranged)

Skill: Mod-Rifle
Accuracy: 0
Mode: F/B/A
Range: 80/160/400
Type: HI/O
Damage: d6+1w/d6+3w/d6+1m
Actions: 4
Clip Size: 30/10
Clip Cost: 60
Hide: -
Mass: 4
Availability: Military
Cost: 1500

Closed Stock: -1 ACS in close range, additional +1 range penalty at medium and +2 range penalty at long range.
Scope: Ignore range penalties at medium range, decreases long range penalties by 1 step.
Laser Sight: -1 accuracy short/medium range in low vision
Toprail Removed: -1 ACS, Ignore 1 step of enemy Dex Res at short range


Resembling the standard 11mm Charge Rifle. The MAC11CR has been modified to provide its user slight advantages in various situations. The stock can be removed to allow for easier mobility in tight areas ( -1 Action Check Score when fighting in close quarters and penalties for moving and shooting are reduced by 1 if fighting in close quarters). The gun is already equip with a mild flash and muzzle suppressor. If a more powerful suppressor is necessary, the standard one must first be removed. Firing the gun without a suppressor is not only noisy, but the bright flashes can make it difficult for eyes to adjust. It also drops the accuracy of the weapon considerably (+2 Accuracy). The most innovative addition to this firearm is the sighting unit attached to the top rail. In conjunction with a smart grip system, the various functions of this high tech sight can be activated by either activating buttons on the left side of the firearm, or by applying pressure to appropriate parts of the main hand grip. The lens on this sight can add numerous layers of filters to amplify or effect your vision. Optical Zoom X100, allows the user to focus in on targets at a great distance (Ignoring penalties for medium range and reducing penalties for long range by 1 step). The Nightvision Imaging filter gathers and intensifies existing light in order to improve night vision (Reduce penalties for low illumination by 2 steps. However it does not allow the user to see in total darkness). Infrared Filters convert infrared light to visible light, allowing the user to see well in conditions of low illumination or total darkness. (Reduce penalties for conditions of darkness or obscurity by 3 steps and grant a -1 bonus to investigate-search or Awareness-perception checks when the object sought might be spotted by its temperature.). Other various filters allow the user to search for ultra violet rays that would normally go unnoticed by the naked eye. Integrated into both the added top rail sight and the rear of the fire arm is an illuminated HUD menu that displays important data from the firearm including ammo, battery power, and muzzle temperature. The illumination settings on the HUD can be adjusted to display in numerous settings including a standard green glow, infrared, or even bluelight. In conjunction with the scope, a side rail laser has been affixed to the front of the fire arm. This laser can aid the user in sighting in on a target (-1 Accuracy), it can be used to determine range or speed of an object, and it can be used to paint an object to allow another targeting unit to locate an objective. A powerful flashlight is built into the laser siderail mount system. Both the laser and the flashlight can be activated together or separably and both can display themselves in a wide variety not only including settings detectable by the naked eye, but also a settings visible only under the correct ultraviolet filters. The most common of these settings are an infrared setting, an ultraviolet setting detectable only through the use of night vision or the appropriate ultraviolet filters, and a bluelight setting, most commonly used to aid a user who is under the effect of Darkvision drugs. The top rail sight can be easily removed to allow the user unobstructed vision for point based shooting (-1 Action Check Score). Modified clips have been provided with the gun that allow for various forms of munitions, primarily consisting of the standard round, and a harder, armor piercing round. Modified, softer round, that cause more damage to unarmored targets, are available, but often have problems firing through heavy foliage or even light obstacles.(need to write out rules here). The primary charge battery has been replaced with a new, high tech Lanth Cell that not only lasts for nearly twice as long (up to 8 clips) but is also more easily adaptable as an alternative power supply for other equipment. (8 Clips 2 Batteries)


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