KZ 160 13mm Holdout Charge MG

A modified, light weight, compact machine gun


Skill: Hvy-Direct
Accuracy: -1
Mode: A
Range: 100/300/600
Type: HI/G
Damage: d8w/2d6w/2d4m
Actions: 4
Clip Size: -/20
Clip Cost: 2000
Hide: -
Mass: 11
Availability: Restricted
Cost: 10925


At the cost of range, this KZ 160 13mm Charge MG modified with a significantly shorter barrel so that it would be light enough to be carried into combat by a single individual.

with a successful Strength feat check, this weapon canbe fired from the hip at a +1 sep penalty, but the double-autofire penalty doesn’t apply to this weapon. It is a much ligher and seadier weapon than the standard heavy charged machine gun.

GySgt Johnson uses this as his personal weapon in most combat operations.

KZ 160 13mm Holdout Charge MG

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