Floating Barrel IF-3 11mm Charge Rifle

A more accurate modification of the 11mm Charge Rifle


Skill: Mod-Rifle
Accuracy: -2
Mode: F
Range: 90/180/600
Type: HI/O
Damage: d6+1w/d6+3w/d6+1m
Actions: 4
Clip Size: 30
Clip Cost: 60
Hide: -
Mass: 4.5
Availability: Military
Cost: 1500


This modified IF-3 11mm Charge Rifle incorporates a heavier, floating barrel that provides incredible accuracy at the cost of additional weight and a significantly slower rate of fire. It is additionally equipped with a Bi-Pod and Sniper Scope to allow for incredibly accurate fire from long distances.

This is Elissa Sheen’s personal weapon.

Floating Barrel IF-3 11mm Charge Rifle

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