Charged Heavy Machine Gun

Heavy Machine Gun

weapon (ranged)

Skill: Hvy-Direct
Accuracy: -1
Mode: A
Range: 200/600/1200
Type: HI/G
Damage: d8w/2d6w/2d4m
Actions: 4
Clip Size: -/50
Clip Cost: 3000
Hide: -
Mass: 45
Availability: Restricted
Cost: 10000


This heavy machine gun makes use of charge technology to substantially improve upon the heavy machine gun of previous era; this weapon has better range, stopping power, and accuracy. Without the use of a mount, penalties for automatic fire are doubled ( +2 / +4 / +6 ), the user must disregard the weapon’s accuracy bonus, and must make a successful Strength feat check to avoid being knocked down.

Charged Heavy Machine Gun

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