11mm Charge Pistol


weapon (ranged)

Skill: Mod-Pistol
Accuracy: 0
Mode: F
Range: 10/20/80
Type: HI/O
Damage: d4+2w/d6+2w/d4+1m
Actions: 4
Clip Size: 10
Clip Cost: 60
Hide: +2
Mass: 1
Availability: Controlled
Cost: 800


In this weapon, the firing pin and chemical explosive combination of a progress level 5 firearm is replaced by a powerful contact delivering a massive shock to the cartridge, which is powered by an electrochemical propellant. On firing, the propellant is converted into a white-hot plasma that expands more powerfully and smoothly than a chemical explosive. The result is a weapon that fires a slug with a much higher muzzle velocity than earlier firearms.

This weapon has become the standard issue sidearm for GAF Forces.

11mm Charge Pistol

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