Camoflauged Stealth Softsuits

Antiscan Weave Carbonate Fiber Camouflage Stealth Softsuit Fatigues


These high tech infiltration suits provide the protective armor properties of a standard CF Softsuit, and combine it with the stealth properties of a Stealth Softsuit. Integrated into its design is a thermal weave making the suit comfortable in both hot and cold environments, and survivable in more drastic temperatures as well. Their pixelated camouflage design makes it difficult for observes to see the wearer, even when the suit is not activated (+1 Spot Penalty). It also has a thin antiscan weave making it more difficult to detect by surface scans, and allowing the user to hide contents in the suit in the event of personal scans. A heavily encrypted GPS tracking signal is built into the suit along with a life monitoring system. Attached to the wrist of the suit is a detachable watch that simply displays the time, compass direction and altitude. Along with the standard green glow, this information can be displayed in a wide variety of light filters including infrared, bluelight, and ultraviolet settings. The suits cover has integrated communications gear built into it that allows wearers to communicate and relay transmissions between each other. This communications gear also has a built in sound suppressor that protects the wearer from dangerously loud noises. A set of high tech, protective, imaging goggles provide the user with 50X zoom, infrared, nightvision and allow the user to toggle through various other light filters. Though these goggles can function separately, when connected to the suit they allow for visual transmissions and when connected to the included respirator mask, provide protection from chemical or environmental threats. These goggles can also be adjusted to display a heads up display with information from the suit including the time, cardinal direction, altitude, suit temperature, and vital signs. With the help of these suits, Communications Leaders can monitor the location, vital signs, visual, and verbal transmissions of each individual unit in the squad. (1 battery)


Camoflauged Stealth Softsuits

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