Autoflec Shotgun

Automatic Shotgun

weapon (ranged)

Skill: Mod-SMG
Accuracy: 0
Mode: F/B/A
Range: 10/20/40
Type: HI/O
Damage: d4w/d6w/d4m
Actions: 4
Clip Size: 15/5
Clip Cost: 150
Hide: +1
Mass: 3
Availability: Military
Cost: 2500


The autoflechette gun fires a 25mm found that contains a bundle of tiny, razor-sharp aerofoils. A single hit can carve an unarmored person to ribbons, but the autoflechette gun can also be used in full automatic modes with a rate of fire equal to that of most submachine guns-thus, it can clean out a roomful of targets with a few bursts.

Like the standard shotgun, damage from the autoflechette is highly dependent on range. At short range, damage is doubled. At long range, damage rolls are halved (round down, to a minimum of 1 point).

This weapon has become the standard issue breaching weapon for GAF Forces.

Autoflec Shotgun

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