A drug that creates effects similar to adrenalin


Ambrosia – Amber, Adrenalin, Andy.

Benefits – This drug boosts and enhances the users natural adrenalin. While under the effects of this drug, the user is incapable of feeling pain. Though there is still a concept of feeling that allows the user to keep their balance or type on a keyboard, all physical feeling seem to be separated and distant. The boost in adrenaline gives the user a feeling of euphoria and power, making a user seem unstoppable, almost godlike. The combination of these two effects allows the user to push his body far beyond its natural limitations making him stronger, faster, and fearless. Drawbacks – Because the body no longer feels pain, injures sustained while under the effect of this drug go unnoticed. This can lead to further injury and often neglect of the injury can cause the user to die of an injury that could have been easily cured. This same neglect for pain causes frequent muscle tears as the user pushes his body beyond its limits. Uneducated, first time users, often cause serious damage to their bodies that could take months to heal. Addictive Properties – Mental: Though not physically addictive, the godlike, fearless feeling ensued by this drug sometimes causes users to frequently use this dangerous drug. Though still incredibly dangerous, frequent usage of lighter doses of Ambrosia will eventually allow prolonged users to learn to control themselves, avoiding the frequent tearing of muscles and blatant neglect of sever injuries. Overdose – Heavy use of Ambrosia will cause sever damage to the heart, usually causing it to literally explode in the users chest. Users who overdose and manage to avoid this fate often cripple themselves, tearing muscles, breaking bones and ripping tendons simply because they lack judgement necessary to protect themselves. Dosage – Military doses usually last up to 65 min. Strong doses that last any longer than this are usually to dangerous to the user. Weaker doses of this drug have been known to last between 6 to 8 hours.


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