Tony Diez


File Name: Tony Diez
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 23

Primary Military Specialty: Medic
Secondary Military Specialty: Hand to Hand Combat
Affiliation: Galactic Affiliation of Freedom
Rank: HM3


Appearance: This short, stout man has a powerful body that could resemble that of a body builder if it weren’t for a few extra pounds. Even so, his bulky, muscular body would only mistakenly be viewed as out of shape. His hair and uniform fall into the same awkward balance of being both maintained and unkempt at the same time, like a well made project that is noticeably incomplete. More often than not he is seen working in trousers and an undershirt rather than his entire military uniform.

Attitude: Tony has a powerful demeanor. He is carefree and outspoken sometimes to the point of being obnoxious. His playful nature is often equally crude and while he is in no way cruel, he tends to act a bit like a bully. It’s not intentional. A little name calling, a few lewd jokes and a solid slug to the shoulder is just how he is used to people getting along. As a medic, it’s not uncommon to hear him berating people for acting like a wuss, and he doesn’t take well to complaining, but he will go out of his way to look after anyone in his care.

Background: Born to a large family off all boys, Tony was the second youngest of his siblings. He wasn’t protected by being the youngest in the family, but he certainly was the smallest. Tough love and rough housing were second nature to him while growing up. When his brothers began to join the GAF, he simply followed suit. In time, he and every one of his brothers found themselves serving in the GAF. Over the last few years, two of his brothers have been killed in action and a third has gone missing. He has bounced around the GAF fleet, filling in at whatever station needed him. His most recent post is the GAF base planet of [[Nibul?]]

Motivations: Tony joined the GAF to fulfill his responsibility to his family, and now, after the loss of his brothers, that purpose still motivates his actions today. He has grown to hate the enemy but even so he has not let that hate consume him. He enjoys the thrill of life and is happy with what he has, despite all that he has lost.

Interests: While his options are limited based on where he is stationed at the time Tony lives to find exciting ways to enjoy life. While he shows an obvious interest in martial arts as well as firearms, he is also passionate about more extravagant activities like skydiving, hang gliding, rock climbing and surfing. He hopes for any excuse to get outside, enjoy nature, and do something a little more exciting than treat peoples sore feet and running noses.

Tony Diez

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