File Name: Seigh
Species: Sesheyan
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown

Primary Military Specialty: Star Ship Pilot
Secondary Military Specialty: Inner Stellar Navigation
Affiliation: GAF
Unit: Rift Runner
Rank: O-2 Lieutenant Junior Grade


To humans, Seigh appears to be a large dragon like lizard with too many sets of eyes to be at all comforting. His wings, often hidden, resemble that of a bat and his enormous teeth and claws often detour any frivolous conversation. Though he can occasionally take on a playful demeanor, usually he’s simply described as “exotic” or scary.

To other Sesheyan’s his description is quite different. Seigh has dark gray skin and pale green eyes. Unlike some, who have many different sets of eyes, Seigh has only three on either side. He has ritual scarification denoting his high societal position beginning at the bridge of his nose and following up his enormous brow all the way to his ears. He has only one set of ears, though he has horn like protrusions at the top of his head common in his family, but uncommon among many other Sesheyans. His build is strong, and his poise is often confident. He moves with both grace and dignity as opposed to the common “stalking” or “slithering” movements that lesser class Sesheyan’s might demonstrate. His tongue is often experimenting with the taste of the air, and his ears commonly twitch as they try and take in the senses around him. His smile is actually quite a diplomatic smile, when understood, and he often works to train all of his eyes on the same point at any given time to help comfort the other races around him (as opposed to letting them each wander variably as some Sesheyans may do, which is said to cause a discomforting, ominous feel in other races observations.) Seigh’s wings are fit allowing his flight patterns to be deft and specific as he navigates through the small corridors of the Rift Runner. His teeth, though well cleaned and managed are often respectfully hidden behind his lips and gums, and only show their true violence and ferocity when a fish is offered as a sacrifice to Seighs never ending appetite.

Seigh isn’t exactly bipolar, though if they had alien diagnosis for such psychological disorders, perhaps they would assign him the title. Seigh’s most common attitude is that of a confused, curious, and almost playful creature. He is often easily excitable when presented new circumstances, and usually very cordial when trying to communicate in his extremely broken common to other fleet members. He is easily distracted, often confused, and rarely cares to voice an opinion. Though customarily kind, his attitude often feeds off of those he is closest too, and much like a loyal canine companion if his ship mates have a quarrel with you, so does Seigh.

There are however other times in which Seigh exhibits quite primal, forceful attitudes. Often when startled or when someone enters onto the bridge without permission Seigh becomes very territorial. He becomes very terse and pointed without a great deal of joviality in his tones and is usually very hard to calm down. His distaste for any individual fallen prey to this kind of attitude is often long lasting. Grudges endure for great lengths with Seigh, and even if actions are made to recompense he is still unlikely to forgive you until he has forgotten.

This leads us to our final, and potentially most important personality trait of Seigh. Seigh’s understanding of the construct of time, as humans have created it, leaves him baffled and confused most of the time. He rarely remembers what he has experienced, what he thinks he will experience in the future, and what he or others have experienced in the past. Often conversations with Seigh seem disjointed as he will answer questions you haven’t asked, ignore statements that you have made, or wait impatiently for you to respond to something that was never said. His mind travels back and forth between what has happened, what he foresees will happen, and current time with no proper organization or boundaries. His forgetful nature creates a sort of unsettling disarray in his thoughts that have lead some to even believe that he has the ability to tell the future and see the past; though with a lack of understanding which is which, even if he could this would be a moot point.

On his home planet, where time is much less of a guiding deliberation, Seigh’s personality is perceived very differently. In a society of superstition, they truly believe that Seigh can see the future and the past and lives without chronological confines. Seigh’s confidence and lack of curiosity on his planet also changes the way in which he presents himself. Having come from a royal blood line he is much more commanding, and often uses his intuition into what others will say to demonstrate superiority over them by answering their questions before they have a chance to even speak, or chastise their previous actions before they have even revealed them to him. This authoritative aura and ability to read his own species so tactfully has given him an almost deity like status among his peers. He is rarely questioned, and when he is his ferocious side is quick to present itself. He is jaded by his society and is not excited when it revisits him.

Seigh grew up on the Void Corp planetary Sesheyan reservation on Aliu’ bri, one of the outermost planets of the inner stellar verse. Among his people he came from a royal lineage that is rumored to have been in the highest court within historical Sesheyan society. Due to this social position Seigh grew up as a leader of his people. Serving under his father, he was revered as an adviser and was often given great responsibilities in regards the political decisions of his tribe.

As Seigh got older though, his father began to recognize unusual traits within him. He began to speak of the long forgotten past, or of fabricate events that had not actually happened, claiming that they had already occurred and everyone else had forgotten. He became forgetful of things that he had done in the past, yet still very insightful into the present. Furthermore, he became obsessed with the idea of space travel and the revitalization of technology into the Sesheyan culture. Knowing that the Sesheyans hadn’t interacted commonly with technology since the betrayal of void corp, Seigh’s father, Kaiegh, was hesitant to listen to Seigh and often reprimanded him publicly when he spoke of such things. As Seigh continued to push his agenda, his father continued to strip him of his authority leaving him irritable and unsatisfied by the simplistic decisions of his people.

It wasn’t until Void Corp (the UC) finally lost dominion over Aliu’ bri that things began to change for Seigh. When the GAF visited the planet, it was Seigh who was sent to greet them. Unbeknownst to them, Seigh had been waiting for this moment for years. During their conversations about the planet Seigh continued to mention his desire to join the GAF to pilot their prototype ship, the Rift Runner. The curios part of this, is that the fleet had not yet released any information of it’s confidential research and development of this ship and therefore assumed ill intent from Seigh. The GAF detained Seigh and began heavy investigation into the Sesheyan reserve. Planet-side they found very little evidence of any understanding of who the GAF was, better yet any scientific advances they would, could, or had made in the past hundred years. However, on board with Seigh they began to discover that he knew more about the new transportation project than even those interrogating him.




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Doesn’t speak common well
Very curious
Doesn’t leave the Rifter


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