Paul Bence


File Name: Paul Bence
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 22

Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Heavy Weapons
Affiliation: Galactic Affiliation of Freedom
Unit: Undefined
Rank: E-2 Private First Class


Appearance: Paul is a stern, fit, athletic individual who comes across as crude in every sense of the word. With short cut hair and a roughly shaven chin he does little to draw attention to himself. Unfortunately his heavily scared face is difficult to overlook and only works to emphasize the hate and anger trapped behind his dark eyes.

Attitude: His demeanor is as coarse as his appearance. Not a man of many words, the one he chooses to share are often ruthlessly blunt. With no interest in making friends or maintaining pleasantries, Paul is not afraid to say what is on his mind and generally prefers to put people on the defensive rather than cater to them in any way. Even so, he is quick to snap back into following military etiquette when it is made obvious that he is expected to do so.

Background: A victim of a rough childhood, Paul joined the GAF out of necessity as much as desire. As the son of a smuggler from Lucent, the GAF offered Paul an opportunity to build a legitimate future for himself. Paul served as a Team Leader in an infantry platoon on the Starduster IV where his performance evaluations in combat were exemplary but he was court marshaled on numerous occasions for his actions outside of combat where his disrespect towards command and his frequent involvement in violent physical confrontations lead to a demotion in rank.

Motivation: Paul joined the GAF for the opportunity at a career and to prove himself, but after being scorned by the military he poured so much of himself into, he now feels that the people around him are too weak to follow through with the tasks necessary to win a war. While he generally comes off as disrespectful, once an individual has proven themselves to Paul, they find him to be an unflinchingly loyal compatriot.

Interests: In the area Paul grew up in, disputes were handled more often than not through brawls and scuffles. As such, Paul has carried this custom with him and he prides himself on his talents in boxing and brawling. While he generally pursues this passion through mediated boxing matches, he is just as happy to partake in bare knuckle underground fights as he is in sanctioned fights.

Vice: While Paul struggles to maintain it, there is a rage inside of him that more often than not controls his actions. He grew up in a society where the strong take what they want and are justified in doing so and at his heart he still believes this today. He has the temper of a caged animal and it does not take much poking before he loses the reigns and lets his rage take over.

Contacts: Howitzer – Paul served as a crewman on the DemonhookII. While they are not particularly friends, Paul has learned to respect Howitzers determination. He believes that unlike many officers in the GAF, Howitzer is not afraid to do what it takes to get results.

Paul Bence

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