Owen Johnson


File Name: Owen Johnson
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28

Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty:
Affiliation: Galactic Affiliation of Freedom
Unit: Spartan “Sagrificcju Kollox”
Rank: E-7 Gunnery Sargent


Appearance: With a chiseled jaw and a stern, powerful gaze, Johnson looks like the real life embodiment of a hero from a comic book. He keeps himself in good shape and carries himself with the confidence of an experienced warrior. That being said, the years of soldiering have not been kind on his body. Many hard fought battles have taken their toll, and a careful observer would likely notice how diligently Johnson fights to hide the effects of past injuries, the most obvious of which is a limp cause by shrapnel in his right leg.

Attitude: Johnson puts forward the attitude of a gruff, self-reliant man who expects others to be the same. He has been quoted more than once as saying “I was never given a hand out and never expected one. Why should you?”. The phrase has become so iconic of him that his soldiers often use it in jest among one another. While his unsympathetic attitude encourages others to handle their own problems, those closest to him understand that Johnson is, at his heart, a compassionate man who puts the welfare of his friends and his soldiers above all else.

Background: Born into a society enveloped by the war, Johnson was raised with the understanding that he would one day be a soldier. He witnessed the hardships caused by war, and listened to the stories of heroes who fought against the United Federation. While in school he was involved in athletics and maintained decent grades, but he never expected anything more than to be a soldier. At the age of 18 he enlisted in the GAF. Always striving for the next positions of leadership, his physical prowess and determination helped him to climb the ranks. He was assigned leadership positions in multiple special forces units. After suffering sever injuries during one of the final Spartan missions, Johnson was reassigned to Nibiru to train soldiers while completing his recovery.

Motivations: While honer and pride no doubt have some effect on the life Johnson choose to live, the core reason behind Johnson’s lifestyle is the belief the what he, and the GAF are doing, is morally right. Johnson feels that he owes a debt to the countless individuals who have suffered at the hands of this grim war. He he tirelessly pays this unbearable debt with his own blood, sweat and tears.

Interests: Johnson’s life is the tragic outcome of a young man raised with little more on his mind than the war raging around him. He has no real personal hobbies or endeavors. He passes his free time reading historic texts of famous generals or wars. He is a man who want’s nothing but peace, and knows nothing but war.

Vice: Though he has always strived for leadership, he has never learned to distance himself from the men who serve under him. Johnson holds himself personally responsible for the loss of every man and woman in his command. Though often irrational, he blames himself for the lives lost and the suffering of his soldiers. He hides it well, but it is torment that plagues his mind, both awake and asleep.

Elissa Sheen – Elissa Sheen – Elissa came under Johnson’s command while he was leading a squad in the special forces unit known as the Devil Dogs. Her previous squad leader had died in a training accident after it became public knowledge that he had assaulted Elissa while she had been under his command. Johnson took the situation personally, frustrated hat he had been unaware of what had been going on, he vowed to ensure that nothing of the sort would happen again while he was capable of stopping it.

Celest Share – Johnson knows Celest to be very intelligent and capable woman. The two have served side by side for years and Johnson’s trusts both her judgment, and her abilities. When he needs advice, Celest is the woman her turns to.

Buba Dew – While Buba’s reckless disregard for following rules often cause turmoil between he and Johnson, the two have been trusted friends for many years. Though they may squabble over disagreements from time to time, Johnson knows that he can rely on Buba when a situation requires it.

Caitlin Pridista – Caitlin was assigned to serve under Johnson while he was leading a special forces unit known as the Spartans. While she was determined and confident, it was obvious that she was in way over her head. Johnson did his best to look after her, but as the transition from training to active missions made it more and more obvious that Caitlin was out of place, Johnson worked to have her removed from the unit and placed into something that was more fitting to her level of experience.

Owen Johnson

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