This Fraal Science Officer wears a commando sweater and camo pants, and unlike most Fraal, shares an intent interest in human popular culture.


File Name: Neh’Reighem
Species: Fraal
Gender: Female
Age: 140
Alias(s): Reggie

Primary Military Specialty:
Secondary Military Specialty:


Reggie doesn’t wear the standard Fraal outfit, opting instead to wear human military clothing while she’s around her students. When off duty, she wears a simple white t-shirt, a denim skirt, and cowboy boots. She keeps her hair long, and dyes it blonde, keeping it in a bun while on duty and in a ponytail when off. Like most Fraal, she is quite frail, and lacks upper body strength; however, after years of not eating properly while in captivity, she’s a bit chunky compared to other Fraal, liking to keep some body fat on herself.

Neh’Reighem is quite different from most other Fraal. She expresses her innermost emotions upon her face, smiling, laughing, and frowning, instead of not expressing them with outward signs, as is common for most Fraal. Also unlike most Fraal, she engages others by touching them, and encourages everyone to see the upside in even the worst of situations. It is apparent to many that she is not the standard military-grade Fraal, and many would guess that she is out of her element. With that said, she is intent on getting her mindwalking students to achieve success, and pushes them to achieve results; her cheery enthusiasm translates to a ‘you can do it’ attitude, and doesn’t let anyone quit. More than anything, she believes in experiential learning techniques, and asks her students to examine themselves, and to find the results within, instead of without. She never tells someone good job so much as she asks more of them. “That’s a very good result compared to your last one, but I think that we both know you can do better,” She also has students question their own motivation. “It doesn’t matter if I think it is a good job. Did you think it was a good job?”

Born on the planet Sapphire (part of the Borealis Republic), Neh’Reighem’s childhood was spent on a university planet, learning, studying, and theorizing. Her parents taught classes about Fraal and studied Mindwalking development in non-Fraal. Growing up around the citizens of Sapphire, Reggie believed that she had a natural affinity for humanity, never really appreciating that her time was spent with the elite and incredibly educated.
The Borealis Republic protected it’s citizens from the rare truth, and when the second galactic war broke out, the media portrayed it as a problem that affected other Stellar Nations. It was this naivety that caused Reggie to finish out her Doctorate in the Verge. She had heard her parents discussing that Verge scientists had been studying advanced genetic modifications in humanity, leading to radical mutations. Intent on being the first Fraal to study such a phenomenon, she left for the Verge, telling most everyone she knew that her intent was to study genetic phenomenon amongst the animal species found in the Verge, wanting her discovers to be a surprise for her parents.
It was a mistake she had never stopped regretting. Her attempts to even speak with the scientists were met with incredible amounts of hostility; little did she know that the reports she had heard her parents discussing, had, in fact, been secret documents from Fraal intelligence, and her parents had been consulted about the findings. Within days, she was kidnapped. What the plans of her captures had been was anyone’s guess, as she found herself rather well kept; she was never tortured, although her guards did take a few opportunities to beat her senseless over the next few weeks. The most her captures did was to take tissue samples from her, and test various drugs on her. They never said a word.
Reggie would later discover that the compound that she had been held at, and the place she had visited, where part of a secret resistance group with anti-xenoform sentiments. An assault on the complex by Fraal intelligence soon saw her release, and it was then that she discovered the awful truth: she was stuck in the Verge. The drugs that had been given to her warped the user’s understanding of time, and she’d actually spent the past fifteen years in captivity. During that time, the link to the old galaxy had been lost.
Still, not all was lost. A Fraal ship was still around, and with therapy, she was soon able to recover from her ordeal. However, the side of the war she had been on had little use for ‘civilian’ Fraal. She was one of the few Fraal in the Verge who had worked with humans with psionic capabilities, and she was an expert in emerging human psionic capabilities, due to her time on Sapphire and her parent’s research. She was asked to help those humans in the military develop their mindwalking abilities, and work with them to achieve their potential.

Reggie is motivated by her desire for results. She feels cheated out of her opportunity to research genetic anomalies, and wants to assist her fellow Fraals fight against xenophobia in anyway she can. She yearns for peacetimes so that she can return to Sapphire and her research.

Reggie is always interested in philosophical debate and discussion, and can be easily distracted by such things. As a researcher of genetics for almost 100 years, new chances to discover findings are always moments of excitement for her. She loves all things sophisticated, although, she does hold a space in her heart for action and kung-fu entertainment, and loves archaic fighting styles that use melee weapons.

Sadly, Reggie’s experience around humans has been an exposure to those with cushy lives and highly educated minds, who debated ethics and the philosophy of life. She initially thought that she had a handle on humans, and understood them better than most Fraal, but now that she is around aggressive humans, with sometimes simple backgrounds, she finds herself irritated with them, and her method of questioning everything is as much a defensive tactic as it is a chance for her students to learn.

Secondly, Reggie’s grasp of time has withered away since she was experimented upon. When her students grow weary after hours of practice, it can seem like only minutes to her, and her desire to push them further can cause real damage. She now sets timers and reminders constantly, but if she forgets to do so, it can be really bad.




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