Michael Exusia


File Name: Michael Exusia
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 27

Primary Military Specialty: Field Medic
Secondary Military Specialty: Marksman
Affiliation: GAF
Unit: 5-16-6 Bad Luck Brigade
Rank: E-3


Michael’s appearance is often in contradiction to that of a stereotypical soldier. Instead of the traditional bravado of an infantryman he instead has a reserved intellectual presence. An obvious dichotomy between soldier and scientist permeates his outward expression; a pair of thin rimmed glasses juxtaposed against a hardened chin line and a slightly crooked nose. His slightly longer than regulation hair is a dark brown, but is intermittently blazoned with a streak of grayish brown which he regularly claims is a byproduct of the unnecessary stress induced by the inability of his patience to cope with minor procedures.

Michael isn’t exactly rude, but he is often blatantly honest when dealing with people of a lesser intellect than himself. He isn’t used to being intellectually challenged, and therefore he tires quickly of simple conversation, and is deeply bothered by illogical decisions. This doesn’t translate directly to pomp, but instead usually is depicted through a purposeful avoidance of superfluity. Still, it is only arrogant or unrestrained ignorance that Michael scorns. Someone who is generally confused, or accepts their intellectual inability, with a willingness to learn could easily become an affiliate of Michaels. Apart from his cerebral demeanor Michael is in general an upstanding individual. He believes in a universal right and wrong and though he doesn’t always agree with the laws and procedures, he is astute in his convictions that there are ethical norms that should be followed for the betterment of society. His self-confidence, and moral opinions sometimes create consternation between those with fewer scruples than himself, and he is rarely willing to back down unless an extenuated circumstance overrules his individuality (i.e. rank, dangerous circumstances, etc.) In summation, Michael doesn’t blatantly exude independence. He conforms within a group nicely, but creates personal boundaries from individuals for which he finds less worth. He is compassionate, caring and loyal to his friends and his beliefs, and rarely doubts his own self-worth.


Michael was born on the planet of Kyliel – at the core of the original alliance system. Besides the initial planets that wrote the Treaties of Unification, Kyliel was one of the first planets to be forcibly included into the UF. Unification occurred on Kyliel when he was only twelve years old and served as an alarming example of the ways that life as he knew it could so quickly change.

Before the unification Michael attended a small primary school for gifted students that had a focus on science and math. His parents worked for a company named GenePsych which was focused around the ability to the newly discovered Fraal technology to help cure genetic deficiencies and diseases. His mother Ariel was a nurse at the facility, and his father Regulus was one of the senior scientists on the staff.

After unification though Michael’s life changed substantially. The smaller schools were closed forcing students into larger institutes where an emphasis was focused on history (as written by the UF) and physical fitness in preparation for the draft. Not only was the shift in schooling impactful on Michael, but also he entered the system with a reputation. Before the movement GenePsych had been closely tied to research funded by the GAF, and after the occupation the company was under a great deal of scrutiny as to where their allegiances lie.

The notion that his parents were labeled “traitors” made him a prime target for harassment at school, and even though in the end the UF inculcated GenePysch and its employees into their research and development strategies – the stigma that they were still supporters of xenology created an heir of distrust and contempt. As a student in the standard school systems it was difficult for Michael not to become easily bored. His mind worked faster than many of the students. He found it hard to conform to the new system and often vocally critiqued the other student’s apathy and conformity to the new systems. Though this struck many students as pretentious, those who were not as easily convinced by the UF or found similar discontent with the system found shelter under Michael’s ideologies.

One said follower was a girl named Hannah Belivea. A girl for whom he eventually found a connection deeper than a mere friendship. They began to date when he was fourteen and by the age of seventeen had plans of getting married upon their graduation from secondary schooling. Michael’s plans however would be drastically altered only months after he and Hannah created their plan. Days before Michael turned eighteen his father awoke him in the middle of the night and ushered Michael, his younger brother Isaiah and his mother to the GenePsych launch hangers. With nothing more than the shirt on his back, and without a single good bye Michael and his family set off into orbit with a trajectory to one of the small outlying GAF occupied planets; Murri.

After further explanation his father made it known that he and his mother had never actually stopped working for the GAF, and had been leaking all scientific research being completed at their labs to the GAF for the past five years. However, their cover had recently been blown as one of their colleagues – a man by the name of Alfred Slurm defected from their insurgency and turned himself in to the UF officials. Once planet side, Michael’s mother and brother were ordered by his father to continue traveling further away from the alliance systems. The did not allow them to disclose their travel plans in an attempt to keep them safe in the instance that the war spread further than expected. He did however set up a rendezvous twenty years from that date, or when the war was over on a small moon off of the planet Tariff.

The absence from his mother, brother and Hannah made his life emotionally difficult, but living on the GAF base and finishing his studies within the GAF labs was a welcomed change in curriculum. Upon graduation Michael enlisted in the GAF as military intelligence. His innate intellect , and steady, almost surgical hand allowed him to scale the ranks of his squad where he became the designated marksman and squad leader for his squad. Deployed to the small desert planet of Corrien Michael saw battle for the first time. His unit was sent to help provide reinforcements for the rebellion on the planet, and after only two years he had earned a reputation as a skilled tactician and valiant leader.

It was during this second year that Michael was abruptly called back to Murri. His father, who had since gained substantial rank in the GAF and a large amount of authority within the scientific realm had ordered from his return to the planet. Upon his return it was apparent that something within the research labs were significantly wrong. Every scientist that defected from the Genepysch (about forty to be exact) had fallen ill with a previously unheard of virus. The pathogen was in a state of constant mutation, and was designed to slowly and painfully decay large portions of its hosts nervous and neurological systems. It was quickly discovered that the virus was injected into each of the Genepsych employee’s as a “regular vaccination”, but was in fact a Trojan horse virus that the UF was waiting to activate.

Michael was re-stationed and reassigned to security detail within the research facility per the request of his father while he lived out the remainder of his life. It was here that Michael learned a great deal of his security protocol and eventually became reacquainted with Alfred Slurm. The former GenePsych scientist who had been captured during one of the systems’ battles. Originally brought to the planet of Murri to try and interrogate for information surrounding recent research developments, but his influence on Michael was much less unexpected.

During routine checks of the prison, eventually Michael and Slurm began to have candid conversations; one of which that happened to mention Michael’s father and the other scientists conditions. Having been a previous friend of Regulus, Slurm hesitantly began to make subtle suggestions for potential treatments for the virus. Whether it was his genuine care for Michael’s father, or his innate curiosity about the medical profession, Slurm’s suggestions began to become more and more elaborate for treating his father. Simple vitamin supplements became cultures, cultures became blood samples, blood samples became experimental injection. The intricacies of the procedures escalated until Slurm became the equivalent of a medical professor teaching Michael everything from simple treatment to entire surgical procedures to remove infected nerve clusters, or grafted damaged ones.

Still, whether the intention of Slurm, or to his dismay, the day came when Regulus passed away from the virus. Michael had prepared himself for this, but was more distraught about the potential thought of his Mother’s same fate. It was only a few days after his father’s death though that Michael was confronted by the commanding officer of the lab about an experimental cryogenics’ project that his father had been working on to help transport troops without physical decay. His father had apparently requested he be one of the participants in the program; and Michael was not likely to deny this request.

No longer tied down to the system by personal anchors, Michael was excited to travel. To get away from the system he had lived in for so long, where his entire life’s story had so far been written. That was of coarse until the ship he was traveling on crashed. Fortunately he was cryogenically frozen for that part. Perhaps he might have been a bit less pleased if he were awake…

None the less, upon waking up Michael found that he had been asleep for not days, or years, but almost two decades. The war hard shifted, ideals changed, and even though things were completely different, it all seemed somewhat familiar. Everything that is, except for his own personal perception of reality. Somewhere within the cryogenic SNAFU something had changed in Michael. Mental tasks that used to be difficult seemed simple, his previous discontent for the ill-witted was now a nagging loathing within his subconscious. It was as though he could already guess what someone was going to say before they said it; everyone around him was just a little bit too simple. His military experiences reflected the same sentimentality. War games were now predictable, basic tactical strategy became second nature, and the game of chess became an utter waste of time.

After a few weeks Michael learned to assuage his anger towards those of lesser intellect. He was placed in small of the small group of soldiers that he had been frozen with and began completing rudimentary missions with simple success. After only a few missions however everyone in his squadron began complaining strange side effects from the cryogenic and were placed on temporary medical / psychological leave.

Having been driven by kinship obligations for such a long time, Michael is somewhat lost with his new found autonomy, and his even newer intellectual unimpedance. However, these two things still haunt Michael’s deepest psyche. On the deepest level of motivation, Michael is driven with the intention of finding a cure for the pathogen used upon his father, but more importantly figuring out what really happened when Michael’s transport ship “crashed”. Even for a simpleton, it is common knowledge that usually cryogenics leaves it’s client dazed, confused and temporarily sedated for months to years afterwards. Not hot wiring their mental capacities to levels previously unattained. Though these don’t drive as much of Michael’s social agenda’s as they do his overall goals, they do help shape many of his choices.
It is difficult for Michael to focus on much more than mere discovery; where is his brother, is his mother alive, what is the cure to the pathogen used upon his father, what truly happened in cryogenic status? It would take a certified genius to process all of these thoughts at once; which is why it’s so fittingly Michael’s problem to deal with.

Michael is unexpectedly sporadic in his interested. Having so many loose ends to tie together, and still an obligation to the GAF it’s hard for him to stay focused on one topic too long. He has practiced many concentration methods to overcome this flaw, but still it leaves his interest list a bit larger than most others.

Superficially Michael is interested in the possibilities of the future. Whether this manifests in journaling predictions about what should logically unfold between crew mates, strategic war games and scrimmages, or the reading of novels with the intent to guestimate the entirety of the book based upon the first fifteen pages. The surprising part is the accuracy of most of his deduction.

When feeling a bit less frivolous Michael works on researching the pathogen that was placed within his father. Having many samples, and a great deal of logged information Michael works to try and develop a cure for the disease.

Michael doesn’t like stupid people. Let’s be honest, Michael doesn’t like average people. Most conversations leave him bored and apathetic towards their conversation. Though he has done a good job teaching himself to hide these feelings occasionally after long days his patience slips.

Furthermore, sometimes his predictions become a bit too all consuming. Lost in the details, and the possibilities without refocusing himself sometimes Michael will get lost I his own thoughts to an almost anti-social degree.

Michael Exusia

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