Marcus Busbey


File Name: Marcus Busbey “Buzz”
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 19

Primary Military Specialty: Food Services
Secondary Military Specialty: Logistics
Affiliation: Galactic Affiliation of Freedom
Rank: E-2 Private First Class


Appearance: While on duty, Busbey’s sort, dark, curly hair is nearly always hidden under the telltale blue hairnets of the lunch hall workers, and while off duty he is rarely caught without a pair of shades covering his curious brown eyes, so that when he is seen wearing neither he almost always looks unfamiliar. His average height and build do little to make him stand out. He has an anxious nervousness that causes him to shift uncomfortably especially when he’s talking about something he deems worth keeping secret. This jittery step and his known addiction to caffeine has earned him the nickname “Buzz”.

Attitude: Lively sometimes to the point of being obnoxious, Buzz is a friendly kid who often lacks the tact necessary to say what he is thinking without offending anyone. None the less, he tends to speak his mind openly and often. While his tongue tends to make him enemies, he rarely holds a grudge and often shrugs off insults that are not particularly harsh.

Background: Buzz’s mother died when he was very young. When his father died of an incurable illness, Buzz joined the GAF for the assurance of hot meals and a warm bed. His time in the GAF has been unadventurous, but not disappointing. Buzz is quite content with where he is, even if it is not particularly glamorous in others eyes.

Motivation: Busbey has no interest in advancement in his career. He wanted to find somewhere that he was comfortable and could fit in, and he has found that in the GAF. Buzz views his enlistment in the GAF as if it were any other civilian job. When he is on duty he may have little motivation, but once he is on his off hours it is curiosity that drives him. In every story, he is determined that there is more to learn than what is on the surface and he strives to unearth a more thorough answer to everything he encounters in his life.

Interests: Despite his social shortcomings, Buzz loves to be known among his peers. He is often integral in underground parties on base where he can be found DJing, or bar-tending, and sometimes both simultaneously. He is also known for an underground broadcast that he puts on periodically where he brings to light rumors of various natures. While he will not bring it up himself, he is also known to be a rather talented linguist, however he will only perform such raps is he is explicitly asked too, and usually only then if the atmosphere is right.

Vice: Buzz is a confusing mix of gullible, and untrusting. While he often believes what people say, he rarely trusts their intentions and he tends to get wrapped up into conspiracy theories to a point of almost paranoia. He is so busy digging for the truth, that even after he finds it, he is not often willing to accept it.


Marcus Busbey

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