Malik Jackson

Boy genius, who excels in computer science and cybernetics. Malik seeks to understand the meaning behind this war.


File Name: Malik Jackson
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 18

Primary Military Specialty: Hacker
Secondary Military Specialty: Inventor
Unit: 5-16-6 Bad Luck Brigade
Rank: E-2 Private First Class



Malik Jackson, a lanky individual that stands at 6’1 and lack the physical capacity of your typical soldier. Malik always has a heart-warming and friendly smile, which gives his comrades the sense that he is always happy but that is not the case most of the time. Malik has dreadlocks that goes passed his shoulder which is shocking because military protocol requires soldiers to have a buzz or fade cuts. Malik’s uniform is traditionally cleaned and pressed when on base. He wears hi-tech goggles everywhere he goes and always carries his laptop on his back.


Being deemed a boy genius growing up, Malik’s nature has a sense of Haughtiness (behaving in a superior, condescending or arrogant way). Especially in the military he views most people as brutes, and cannot measure up to his superior intellect and computer skills. Malik believes that technology solves all problems, and if the current technology can’t solve issues then invent or change technology so that problem can be solved. Malik look down upon people who don’t embrace technology. Malik thinks it’s ludicrous that in this day and age, where technology is a huge part of our lives, that there are people still in this universe that disregard technology. If you haven’t notice by now, Malik has a crazy obsession with new and interesting technology, and have a tendency of losing himself in his own research, discoveries, and inventions. On the surface, Malik well-mannered individual, who sometimes have a rebellious side. Malik always need reasoning when it comes to decision making. If something doesn’t make sense in his mind then he will refute the decision. Overall, Malik is just a young man that want to continuously grow and discover his true potential, and make an impact not just in this world but the universe.


Malik was born on a planet called Nefertari- a fairly new planet on the verge. There were many unknowns about Nefertari, but one thing that most people knew for sure about Nefertari was that it was a booming planet. Technology was evolving and population was growing at a rapid pace. Imagine Nefertari as “the Dubai” of planets.
When he was young, Malik was placed in a Academy for the Gifted. He was surpassing people’s expectations and receiving outstanding scores on evaluations, due to his excellent academic success he was deemed a boy genius. During classes professors would notice that a lot of Malik’s attention was being drawn by technology, especially computers and programming. At that moment, Malik’s love for science and technology was born.
Malik’s father was a part of the GAF, and was gone for most of Malik’s childhood. Rarely seeing his father has tampered the Father-son relationship. When Malik got older, he would receive the occasionally letter from his father, but haven’t seen him since he join the GAF. Till this day, Malik doesn’t know the where abouts of his father. Malik mother was part of the Galactic Bureau of Investigation or GBI, which she specialized in Cyber defense. Malik and his mother had a great relationship due to common interest and the fact that they were only people that they had through Malik’s childhood.
Before GAF, Malik was finishing his Master in Computer Sciences. He had a major project known as Project Ares. Project Ares was a Planetary Defense System that use palladium reactors the power source. The Defense System was still in its infant stage, where it only provided a planetary shield that blocked and deflected attacks as well as control access into the planet’s atmosphere. Pretty much, no one could enter nor leave the planet while the shield was up. The palladium reactors were not only used for the defense system but also provided the planet with clean and sustainable energy, which would increase production for Nefertari and was a major reason why a lot of people were attracted to Nefertari. Outside of school, you would find Malik at a lab, working on his laptop, mostly on projects and programs for his betterment, and for the betterment of Nefertari. It was highly recommended to Malik to volunteer his services to GAF. A lot of people of Nefertari believe the boy genius knowledge and skills of Computer/Robotic Science and programming can make a significant impact on the war.


Malik motivation for joining the GAF, is that he want to discover himself. He is only 18 years old, just getting into his prime. He has the entire universe to explore and discover new ways to use technology to better the life that he knows. He like to advance is knowledge of computer science and even learn something new. Malik ultimate goals are to Advance his knowledge in computer science and technology to appoint that he creates something new and unique. Malik would like clarity on this war so he has better understand and discover if he really supports cause or not. Finally, Malik would like to come out of the GAF as a better version of himself, growing as a person and learning a new things along the way.


When he is not wasting his times on useless task and training. You will found Malik deep into his laptop. Malik is consistently researching information for his new projects. He founds satisfaction in creating new programs and robotics. Malik currently working on robot known as the Backpack. The “Backpack” would handle all military measure in the field. At the day Malik would like the backpack not to only be a weapon but an ally that Malik can rely on.
Malik has found a particular interest in cybernetics, and would to begin experiments on his own body. He would like to have a physical body that matches is superior intellect. Understanding that cybernetics can cause insanity, Malik has calculated the odds and is willing to take that chance.


Malik Pride is has always been something that has gotten in the way. Malik who excelled in computer science and technology growing up, always has been the best in his class. No one has meet his standard of intellect hence why he think he is at the top of pyramid. When challenged, he has crushed his competition, and failure has never crossed his mind. Being part of GAF has fed into his superior complex because he hasn’t encountered any of the brutes that measure up to his own abilities and intellect. Malik does give credit when credit is due but at the end of the day his work will always be better than anyone else and he will remain at the top of the of the technology game.

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Malik Jackson

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