Laura Cidney


File Name: Laura Cidney
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 26

Primary Military Specialty: Military Psychology
Secondary Military Specialty: Xenopsychology
Affiliation: GAF



Laura Sydney is simple, yet elegant. Her appearance, though not unkempt doesn’t show a great deal of effort to accentuate her appearance. She has long dark blonde hair that is often tied back into a ponytail for convenience sake, green eyes, and an inviting smile. Her somewhat full cheeks and face help reinforce the compassionate attitude that she almost always exudes. Her body is fit, and shows clear evidence of an active life style, though closer inspection might reveal a sizable scar and a little discomfort displayed whenever she over exerts her left wrist, having sustained an injury as a child that still bothers her as an adult. Though extraordinarily caring, she is still and officer in the GAF and carries herself accordingly. She has terrific posture, a highly composed and carefully monitored body language, and is rarely caught without her military officer uniform; though rumors still run amuck the base about a single instance of a rose red negligée incident a few years back during an unscheduled quarters inspection. Though she’ll deny it if you ever ask.


Laura is extremely professional and poised. Her attitude is nothing but professional when she is on call, and she is known for her confidentiality. She is highly encouraging whether on duty or not, and is always searching for the best in people. As a counselor on the ship she is used peculiarities and always seeks to assume positive intent when the evidence isn’t drastically against you. Though she is a kind, caring individual she is also a female who is often perceived without the greatest deal of authority due to her position. In response to this common affront, she commonly puts up a much more stern, and often sarcastic front. Intelligent and quick witted, she rarely lets a snide comment slide, and whenever her authority is directly confronted she is not below threatening rank.

Even in social circumstances she is checking up on those around her, and trying to ensure that everyone is doing well. Though outside of her office, she is much more likely to sport her more jovial side, though it is still laced with a certain degree of obligatory professionalism. Though she has never hosted a social gathering, she has on occasion been known to attend them and is said to be quite a “loose cannon” if you can actually get her to loosen up; though many claim that this is impossible.


Coming from the small planet of Marris Laura grew up in a mostly rural area. Her parents owned a large plantation that helped supply food for the little city nearest her home. She was the oldest of five siblings, having two younger brothers and two younger sisters. Though she didn’t grow up with an excess, she did grow up having known an innate freedom that most people never have the chance to experience. Her family provided from themselves, and other than larger machinery and complicated technologies they were self-sufficient. She learned practical skills, and how to use her hands, helping run the farm.

When she finished primary schooling, her choices were limited for her secondary schooling. Unless she wanted to move away and leave her family, she was obligated to make due with a smaller selection. She chose to pursue a medical track, and studied for four years planet side. Upon graduation from secondary school she was place in a peculiar circumstance. Her parents previously successful business came under significant hardship when the UF took governmental control over the planet. Their government programs required that her parents provide the same food production for less to the entirety of the planet. Where they use to be able to capitalize on the quality of the product, which brought in a higher price tag, it was mandated that it was sold at a singular price to a larger distributing company.

Unable to afford cheaper labor, Laura postponed her medical internship for two years while her parents business became more stable and her siblings grew to an age that they could take over her responsibilities. When her oldest sister, Erica, reached the age of fourteen Laura moved to the planet’s capital city Marion. Here she interned as a psychological therapist for a unaffiliated clinic. This standard of unaffiliation allowed supporters of the rebel affiliation (the GAF) as well as the UF to attend without discrimination. Once she finished her internship she became a full time psychologist at the facility. It wasn’t until two years after her employment that she finally solidified her affiliation with the GAF and enlisted. Though her planet had always been neutral, it was a brash action made by the UF that finally swayed her conscience.

It was in the late winter solstice season that the rebel affiliated staged an economic strike on the planet. All production, no matter the industry was effected and almost halted. Over forty percent of the working population, in an efforts to change the “unified economic legislature” to fit the specific circumstance of their planet stopped working. During this political uprising, the UF took martial control of the planet and confiscated all confidential documents from her medical center. They used the information recorded in their sessions to hunt down people who affiliated themselves or supported the GAF in any way and made a public display of not only their records, but also the imprisonment and in some cases execution of these individuals.
Though her family still resides on Marris, Laura left to the GAF affiliated planet Centaurus where she enlisted in officer school. Upon completion of this, her profile fit that of military psychologist and physician and after two years of service on a large GAF fleet ship she was transferred to Niburu where she currently resides.


Laura truly wants a better world, a free world where people are welcome to live their lives safely and peaceably; drawing benefit from their hard work and earning what they truly deserve.

Laura believes that often though, just as the UF poses a threat to this dream on a galactic scale, people’s potential psychological states prohibit themselves from achieving this on a personal level. Though truly interested by the individuals aspirations, she is usually more curious about their individual shortcomings and mental inhibitions. An easy case doesn’t pose interest to her, whereas the more complicated ones are an exciting challenge
Laura is also driven by her ability to excel professionally. She knows what hard work is, knows how businesses are run, and understands hierarchy. Having worked for a company that she partially owned in the past, she is always works to gain the most authority and freedom within her individual situation.

Ultimately, Laura hopes someday, once her home planet has been liberated and the galaxy becomes a bit more stable, to get married, have children, and start her own psychology practice. With all of her experiences with Fraal during her enlistment she is excited at the prospects that this race offers to her field and hopes to eventually be able to start a xenotherapuetic practice that offers services to all species on the verge. Her and Neh’Reigm often discuss this eventual prospect.


Laura loves to figure out how people think. Not just their stories, but truly their deeper motivations, and how they developed them. She is solution oriented, and begins every conversation with the expectation of a final resolve of some sort. Outside of the medical world Laura loves to read. She enjoys reading medical journals and contemporary psychological literature, but also more leisurely texts. Laura enjoys working out, but often dislikes the gym due to the wandering eyes, and is more likely to be found PTing inside of her own quarters than at the gym. Finally, Laura really likes working with her hands. She doesn’t get the opportunity much anymore in her field, which is more paperwork oriented than physically inclined, but she misses her old life style. As a hobby she has taken up knitting, but she would never admit that in an effort to maintain her current “officer” persona.


Aside from her harmless knitting and occasional romance novel, Laura’s biggest problem is that she is lonely. Having analyzed ever mind on the planet she finds herself more and more shut off from the people she works with. Her stern persona is in direct conflict to her actual personality, but she doesn’t feel that she can left down her front without being taken advantage of. She often psycho-analyzes this concept, wondering if it was the violation of her works privacy by the UF on Marris that caused this detachment and distrust. Still, it doesn’t matter to her. She is unable and unwilling to open up to individuals in fear that it will negatively influence their perception of her as a professional.

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Laura Cidney

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