James Gallion

about 6'2", 200lbs, dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, very trusting.


james is the son of a blue collar colony family, his exeptional scores in school granted him acceptance to a prestigious medical school. but his parents couldn’t pay for the tuition so joined the military to help pay for school. he is gifted in medical skills and excelled in boot, ranking in the top 20 of his class in markmanship, and hand to hand combat. he also has a gifted technical desgn mind, he desgned a rifle, and pistol that he personally paid for. he lost most of his money in the finance of the guns (the person he sold the desgn to stole it and his money) but he got the prototypes that he currantly used when in the spartin core. the military adopted his desgns for the charge pistols and rifles in use.

he has a scar on his left hand due to an incident in the mess hall that he stoped someone getting stabbed with it going through his palm, in the hurry to fix it the surgeon didn’t fix it properly and he now expeiriances a dull pain form time to time

James Gallion

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