Elissa Sheen


File Name: Elissa Sheen “Strikes”
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 20

Primary Military Specialty: Pilot
Secondary Military Specialty: Survalence and Target Aqusition
Affiliation: Galactic Affiliation of Freedom
Unit: Devil Dogs
Rank: 0-2 First Lieutenant


Appearance: With the face of an actress and the body of a model, Elisa is nearly the perfect specimen of a woman, though she does very little to flaunt this fact. When not in uniform she usually wears baggy clothes or sweat suits, dressing in an attempt to avoid unnecessary attention. In uniform, instead of wearing a pilot or officers apparel, she generally wears a set of simple camouflage with neither name tapes or rank insignia. No matter what she is wearing, her crystal clear, light blue eyes capture the attention of anyone she is speaking to. She has a equally vibrant smile, however it is rarely seen, and forced or fleeting when it is.

Attitude: Confident and well spoken during training, she is obviously knowledgeable and skilled at her craft. Each and every decision is calculate. Each movement is agile and graceful. In less professional settings, Elisa is much more closed off. Generally quiet and even shy towards people she is not familiar or comfortable with. She is easily flustered by flattery or confrontation and goes out of her way to avoid being subject to those type of situations. However, to those she is close with, she is a compassionate and understanding person, a practiced and patient teacher, and a trustworthy friend.

Background: When Elisa joined the GAF it was obvious that she had prior military experience. Her talents were so note worthy that they earned her an assignment to a special unit called the Devil Dogs. She quickly became known as a crack pilot and an accomplished sharp shooter. She was recently assigned to Nibiru to oversee marksman training at the request of Celest Share. Little is known about her past before joining the GAF. When asked, she is politely vague. Sometimes mentioning brothers or sisters, but generally avoiding the topic, confiding that she is happier where she is now.

Motivation: It is often difficult to discern what truly drives Elise’s decisions, even for herself. Most of what she does, is done under the belief that it is the right thing to do or out of loyalty to those she cares for. Still, she struggles with finding purpose or direction in her life.

Interests: Elisa has the curiosity of a cat, and she absolutely loves to learn new things, though she tends to do so by observing quietly from a distance. Similarly she is fascinated by the interactions of her peers and enjoys people watching rather than meeting new people herself. Her favorite method of relaxation is floating leisurely in a cool swimming pool, though catching her in the act is a rare occurrence as she goes out of her way to keep her sessions secret, and private.

Vice: Elisa shows all of the tell tale signs of someone who suffered through and abusive past. As such, she has difficulty trusting others and is not always wise in who she does chose to confide in.

Buba Dew – After Buba took actions to seek out and protect Elisa in a desperate time of need, she accepted him as one of her closest companions and it is rumored that their once playfully flirtatious relationship has developed into much more however when questioned about it, Elise avoids giving any sort of direct answer.

Owen Johnson – Following a series of difficult events that left Elise under Owens command, He worked hard to rebuild her confidence and to put her into a unit that would properly utilize her incredible skills. To this day she views him as a close friend, and seeks him out when she is feeling in need of protection.

Celest Share – As Elisa’s dearest friend, Celest has looked out for her from the moment they met each other. Elisa confides in Celest more than anyone, and spends most of her free time with her. She views Celest not only as her best friend, but also as the sister she never had.

Howitzer – While Elise is not particularly close to Howitzer, he has earned her loyalty through the past experiences between the two of them. She may not always agree with his methods, but she believes herself to be in his debt none the less.

Elissa Sheen

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