A Fraal commander, Eldrin is well known for his actions during the Eurotas Fallen incident. The public hates him for what happened, but the military knows that if it weren't for his actions, millions more would be dead.


File Name: Eldrin’Trilaf
Species: Fraal
Gender: Male
Age: 203
Alias(s): Fubar number 1, Srgt. MacGyver

Primary Military Specialty:
Secondary Military Specialty:


Eldrin wears standard Fraal military garb at all times and is never seen without his sidearm and combat knife. Unlike others of his kind, Eldrin prefers to carry a slug thrower. His face is scared from his time in the field; he has opted to keep them instead of getting them surgically altered as a reminder of his failures and close calls. Lastly, Eldrin carries himself with authority, as if he cannot make a bad decision. He never shows anger on his face or body, but he does allow people to hear it in his voice; when he is trying to intimidate someone, he yells at them with both his voice and his mind.

Eldrin, while not ignorant of his physical and mental weaknesses, is still very sure of himself and his abilities. He has extensive knowledge of starships and combat tactics, both in space, in the air, and on the ground. He is quite calm in chaotic situations, but becomes quite anxious when there is not action occurring, becoming an annoying nuisance to everyone around him as he looks for tasks to complete.

After years of ‘dealing with humanity’s bullshit’, Eldrin no longer tolerates ignorant people who think they know everything. He avoids Humans and T’sa when at all possible, and although he knows that the stupid members of those species are not examples of their people as a whole, he’d rather not run into any of them. He knows humanity can become greater, but doesn’t think it will happen in his lifetime. He finds the T’sa to be too high strung for his tastes as well.

Eldrin was an expert military strategist. None questioned his ability. That was until The Eurotas Fallen Incident. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Eldrin was born under extraordinary conditions, at a Fraal observation post on a now vacated planet was meant to observe the habits of a nearby Hatire Community. However, it all went wrong when the residents realized that they were being observed by the Fraal. While the locals ransacked the place, the Fraal did their best to evacuate. Eldrin’s mother was in labor when the locals attacked the post. Fraal labor is as complicated and risky as just about all mammalian species birth processes, and so it was that she couldn’t just simply leave. While she and Eldrin’s father died in the attack, the Hatire’s couldn’t bring themselves to kill a child, even a Fraal.
And so it was that Eldrin was raised on a Hatire community, far away from anything technology based. He lived there for many years, never questioning his role in life, until he began to hear the thoughts. Without anyone to guide him through puberty, Eldrin’s mindwalking became a scourge on the community. They were frightened by occurrences they couldn’t understand, and eventually demanded the death of Eldrin. It fell on his adoptive father’s shoulders to commit the deed. Before he could complete the task however, Eldrin’s new found psionic abilities warned him of what was coming. He slayed his father, and fleeing the community, Eldrin cried out for. The strength of a cry was strong enough that it was the Fraal who heard his cries.
After that, Eldrin was integrated into normal Fraal society. Despite having a very tough childhood, Eldrin quickly adapted to his new life. However, his early life allowed his superiors to place him in a unique position, and once he had graduated from Mindwalking school, he enrolled in the Austrin-Ontis Unlimited military academy, and specialized in starship design. His ability with command was superb, and his quickly became a commander of a joint Austrin-Ontis Unlimited and Fraal military supership.
His was a successful command, and his people never lost a battle. Additionally, it was his designs that were used to create a new ship, and it was he who commanded it. It was dubbed The Eurotas.
It would be his greatest achievement.
It would be his undoing.
The Eurotas Fallen Incident was devastating to Eldrin’s military career. Millions died. The public as a whole wanted Eldrin killed for his actions. However, as far as the military was concerned, Eldrin had saved more people through his actions than anyone would ever know, and for that he needed to be commended.
The military instead presented a mock trial, without Eldrin present. They sent the Fraal away on reassignment to the Verge, and began commanding Fraal ground troops, many of whom where not standard soldiers, but a mish-mash of Mercs and Free agents fighting for the Galactic Affiliation of Freedom. His previous upbringing with minimal technological resources made him perfect to command field troops for long periods of time without resources. After the great silence began, he was once more put in charge of starship design, and was soon in charge of another starship he had helped design, The Rift-Runner.

Eldrin doesn’t relish violence, death, or war, but knows that these elements will likely not go away during his lifetime. He has decided that the best possible solution, for now, is to prepare for war against those unsavory, unethical elements that exist in the galaxy. There are many days that he wishes he could emulate the pacifist ways of the Mechalus, but at the end of the day, he knows that it is better to prepare for violence and be as non-violent as one can be, than to just be non-violent.

He is always working on theoretical starship designs when not commanding men in the field or trying to discover new combat tactics he hasn’t thought of previously. In addition, his background as a member of the Hatire community has made him a survivalist, and before, when war wasn’t always at his doorstep, he used to go on what many would call extreme-survival trips, trying to survive without any aid for as long as he could. He enjoys telling such adventure stories.

Unlike so many other Fraal, Eldrin didn’t grow up around advanced technology, and while he doesn’t have a hatred of it like the Hatire who raised him, he finds it to be unreliable when compared to what a single individual can achieve. Because of this, he is always having people do what tech can easily do instead.

Eldrin was always one to never doubt his abilities. His biggest mistake was that he always overestimated the abilities of those around him. As a result, the Fraal hates insubordination, as he believes that he knows what is best for those under his command.




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