Caitlin Pridista


File Name: Caitlin Pridista
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 18

Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Demolitions
Affiliation: Galactic Affiliation of Freedom
Unit: Spartan “Sagrificcju Kollox”
Rank: E-2 Private First Class


Appearance: A vibrant, beautiful, young woman, Caitlin’s petite, agile body and sly, mischievous smile are quick to catch the attention of those around her, and she has no problem playing to it so long as she gets a little attention, and manages to have some fun with the situation. Her shoulder length hair compliments her wild brown eyes and it is not uncommon for her to dress as promiscuously as she can manage in nothing but military attire.

Attitude: Playful and ambitious, Caitlin does nothing halfheartedly. She is free spirited and determined. A bit of a show off, she thrives on attention from others and then just as quickly scolds them for taking notice of her. She is outgoing and untempered. While her irresponsible, immature nature often draws ire from commanding officers, she generally avoids anything more than harsh warnings.

Background: The youngest daughter of Marcus Pridista, a wealthy politician for the (something) corporation, Caitlin was devastated when her parents were killed by a UF corsair raiding party. Her older sister quickly joined the GAF, but at the age of 15, Caitlin was too young to be accepted into the fleet. Determined to avenge her parents death, she used the resources left to her to corrupt her personal records and modify them enough to allow her to enlist at the age of 16, only a year after her sister had joined. She didn’t stop at that. She had already forged her credentials so it was only a minor step to work herself into selection for a special unit that promised to see more direct, face to face, confrontation with UF forces. The Spartan team was put together to test prototype orbit entry suits. Caitlin’s shortcomings as a well rounded soldier quickly became obvious and not long after the suits began to see real combat, she was removed from the unit. After the fall of the Starduster IV Caitlin was separated from GAF forces until recently when she was recovered from (planet) where she had been working with rebel forces to disrupt enemy cohesion.

Motivation: Caitlin was young when her parents were taken from her, and it was scorn that drove her to join the GAF, and though she still harbors hatred for her parents murders, she has developed a new appreciation for life over the last few years. She has had more than her fair share of close calls and is determined now to live life to its fullest. She wants excitement in her life and she is determined to enjoy herself despite the conditions surrounding her life.

Interests: As a child, Caitlin excelled in acrobatics which her mother was happy to guide her in pursuing. While on occasion she can still be found practicing her childhood hobby, she is often distracted by more carefree interests. She loves to dance, drink, gamble, and generally just have what she views is a good time.

Vice: Caitlin does nothing in moderation. When she places a bet, she is all in, if she decides to have a few drinks, you can guarantee it’s going to end up being a wild night. It’s no surprise that living to such extremes puts her on the edge of getting herself in over her head, but she walks that fine line without hesitation.

Alexandria Pridista – Caitlin’s older sister has been clear in her frustration with Caitlins ‘Distasteful’ behavior, and while the two of them still care greatly for each other, they are often at ends with one another over one issue or another.

Owen Johnson – As the leader of the Spartans, Johnson quickly recognized that something was amiss with Caitlin’s placement in the team. He took her under his wing and did his best to look out for her. As part of his efforts, he was also instrumental in having her removed from the team, an act for which she still has not forgiven him.

Caitlin Pridista

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