Buba Dew


File Name: Buba Dew
Species: T’sa
Gender: Male

Primary Military Specialty: Pilot
Secondary Military Specialty: Demolitions
Affiliation: Galactic Affiliation of Freedom
Unit: Devil Dogs
Rank: 0-3 Squadron Leader


Appearance: As most T’sa are, Buba is a good foot shorter than most human men. He has burgundy scales and wide cheek bones, even for his species, which pull his mouth back into what appears to be a constant smile. This, combined with his lively eyes, conveys a look of playful curiosity. He wears a standard issue GAF flight suit which has been tailored to fit him. Buba has had it customized beyond that in spite of the face that his personal adjustments go beyond allowed regulations for such a suit. Adorning the breast of the suit is a collection of awards and metals which are normally intended exclusively to be worn on dress uniforms.

Attitude: Buba is outgoing and energetic. Though he sometimes acts like a bit of a braggart or a punk, people generally enjoy his company. He tends to be a trouble maker, but never with malice intent and he is eager to tell stories of his past accomplishments. He is a loyal companion, but even so, he expects his deeds to be reciprocated. If all you ask of him is friendship, he will happily oblige, but should you need a favor, the same would be expected of you in return.

Background: While Buba is not a very private individual, he does not talk much about his life before joining the GAF. What stories he does tell of his past are often inconsistent, tall tales which he tells more to entertain people than to actually inform them of anything. Upon joining the GAF, he was assigned to a squadron known as the Devil Dogs where he proved himself as a talented and intelligent pilot. He was trained in explosives and carried out numerous successful missions. When the Starduster IV was destroyed, Buba quickly assembled what was left of the surviving fighter crafts into a squadron and immediately began running raiding missions against enemy outposts. Through his initiate and cunning, Buba was able to provide much needed supplies to the crippled fleet. Today, he continues to lead a squadron of bombers and fighters on strategic raids, providing captured supplies to the GAF base on Nibiru.

Motivation: Many of Buba’s action are simply don’t for attention or bragging rights, or are simply driven by his craving for excitement, his real intentions run much deeper. Buba believes that every individual of every race and species has the right to freely make whatever decisions they wish, and he has proven in the past that he is willing to sacrifice everything, including himself, to further this belief.

Interests: Buba has a strange assortment of interests ranging from collectible cards to music to chemistry. He has a fondness for the histories of other species. He learns little of it through studying and most of it by word of mouth and does not go to great lengths to determine the credibility of this knowledge. None the less, he is often eager to share an interesting fact should it remotely apply the situation.

Vice: Truly fitting of the phrase, a rebel without a cause, Buba often operates in blatant disregard for established rules simply because he can. While the GAF would not tolerate sever or dangerous breaches of their laws, they have been known to give quite a bit of leeway to Buba, especially in regards to his shipping and trading of contraband.

Elissa Sheen – Buba met Elissa shortly after Buba joined the GAF. Assigned to competing teams in the same squadron, Buba risked his career in the GAF to look after Elissa and to find answers about her past. Over time the two have grown closer and while they are still rather private about their relationship, it is becoming obvious that the two care quite intimately for one another.

Owen Johnson – Johnson and Buba have been through quite a lot together. The survivors of more than a few close encounters and difficult times through the war, the two of them have an understanding with one another formed over the years and as such, Johnson is often willing to overlook many of Buba’s mild legal transgressions.

Celest Share – As a former subordinate under her command, Buba and Celest have butted heads in the past. Even so he respects her as a friend and while he will not always willing to listen to her advise.

Howitzer – Buba and Howitzer served in the same squad, and during that time utilized each others resources to get things done, even when such actions were not always legal. While they do not have a particularly warm friendship, Buba trusts in Howitzers judgement to take the necessary action despite regulations when the situation requri

Buba Dew

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