Brian Lattimore


File Name: Brian Lattimore
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 27

Primary Military Specialty: Military Tactics
Secondary Military Specialty: Explosives Expert
Affiliation: GAF
Rank: E3


Brian Lattimore is a tall, well built individual that usually has stern, but not particularly unwelcoming look on his face. Given the opportunity he is always clean shaven, and takes pride in an upstanding appearance. His uniform is traditionally cleaned and pressed when on base, and even when in the field he makes as many effort to look as respectable as possible.

Brianis a quintessential business CEO. He is calculated, personable, and always looking to see to what the true conversation is below the superficial small talk. He analyzes conversations like a scientist collects data, and though he does so in a cordial and extraordinarily pleasant way he is always looking for the underlying motivations of those he works with. He is very polite, quite charismatic, and in no way acting with malicious intent; it is merely his nature to try and determine what makes those around him “tick”.

Before he enlisted Brian owned a consulting company that helped businesses assess how to best utilize their personnel resources. Through personality analysis and social and psychological surveying Brian created a system that determined how to most effectively pair individual workers up with one another to reach the maximum efficiency and productivity in any given circumstance. As his business became more successful, and his capital greater he expanded his horizons and began investing in Fraal technology to produce even more definite results. It was this research and development of alien technology that made Brian a perfect candidate for the UF’s restrictive protocols.

When the “Unification of Intellectual and Industrial Property Act” was instituted by the UF it required Brian to not only turn over all research and analysis technology and procedures, but also the actual business titles themselves. Though Brian was still allowed to “run” the business, the UF maintained all rights and restrictive capabilities.

Thus far Brian had accepted the UF as a necessary evil in the uniting of the planets. Their presences provided a needed civility to an otherwise ungoverned collective. Still, as they became more and more meddlesome his allegiances became less and less. When the UF finally announced their universal draft that the UF became unavailable. Instead of move further out to the border planets as many of the others did to prolong their “Unified Duty” Brian finally took a stand. He joined the GAF.

Once in the GAF his understanding of people and ability to analyze individual capabilities made him an obvious leader within his squad. His background knowledge paired with his charismatic demeanor made him a terrific asset to the GAF. After training Brian was elected to participate in a somewhat experimental cryogenics technology. The science had been tested, and affirmed and they were by no means the first to utilize it. It was merely meant to prolong their fitness and minimize their life support needs as they were shipped to another part of the universe to combat. Some how during the process the UF caught trail of the operation and shot down the transport vessel. It wasn’t until only a few month ago that Brian and his squad were discovered and retrieved.

Experience has shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny. It is this motivation that drives Brian to continue his operations in the GAF. His whole life all he had wanted to do was start his own business – not to become rich, not to create a position of authority, but to have true independence. A man is free to make his own decisions, but economically the only true freedom is entrepreneurship. As the UF began to rob its citizens of both of these Brian’s motivations shifted from economic to militaristic. His goals are still the same, but the obstacles much greater. Day to day this reflects as a serious demeanor searching for order and productivity. Each mission is one step closer to independence, each training or briefing one more act toward freedom.

Brian is a people watcher; and though this hobby seems useless to some his ability to interpret the things that he see’s gives him insight into the social circumstances and individuality of those around him. Due to this ability Brian has taken up the occasional poker hobby. His statistical aptitude paired with his social awareness makes him a fierce opponent when the cards are on the table. Furthermore, Brian likes to stratagize about the feasibility of scenarios. This is not merely a “day dreaming” endeavor, and often Brian will spend hours or days researching the probability of success in different situations. This isn’t limited merely to militaristic strategy, but also economic, political and personal scenarios.

Brian’s obsession with theoretical outcomes stems from his former work of predicting and determining the most efficient outcome, but sometimes becomes more than just a hobby. When placed in situations that require immediacy Brian does not falter, but often times he will reevaluate his experiences over and over again to try and determine how it could have been done differently; how it could have been done better. This habit often causes great remorse and internalized doubt, though he is skilled in hiding this from his squad and others.

Another shortcoming of Brian’s is his potentially excessive defiance. Having been witness to the internal corruption of an entire planetary system Brian is often overtly against the unnecessary restriction of freedoms. This however only causes trouble when there is a debate as to the necessity of such rules. In a military environment Brianis rarely insubordination and understands the need for protocol and orders – but occasionally his defiant nature gets the best of him.

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Brian Lattimore

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