Arnold Fitz



File Name: Arnold Fitz
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 26

Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Armory
Affiliation: Galactic Affiliation of Freedom
Rank: E-4


Appearance: Arnold keeps his light blonde, thinning hair brushed forward in a military regulation haircut maintained just right to hide his premature signs of aging. With bland, unremarkable features he is seemingly always caught with a fleeting smile, the kind that leaves you feeling as if you are always left out of personal joke. His uniform is often crisp and well kept in stark contrast to his arms and hands which are more often than not covered in dirt, grime, and grease.

Attitude: While never overtly malicious, Arnold has a snarky, contemptuous touch to him. He maintains the guise of a jovial, playful fellow while in truth he is unflinchingly determined to enforce protocol, especially if said protocol doesn’t hinder himself in any way. If treated kindly, he will generally return the sentiment, though he’s not known to go out of his way to do so. He’s a professional individual who puts priority in efficiency rather than comradery.

Background: Arnold was educated as an accountant. While working for a mining corporation on (??) he witnessed first hand the unprovoked discrimination against the alien workers and citizens as they were forcefully gathered up by United Federation forces and placed in Containment Camps. Unable to do anything at the time, the experience chided Arnold’s consciousness. Not long after, he joined the GAF. riven by a sense of patriotism and a craving for adventure, he volunteered for the Infantry. However, before seeing combat, he was assigned to the base armory where his talents for book keeping and his meticulous nature would be of the most value.

Motivations: Uncomfortable amidst chaos, Arnold strives to maintain control of anything that he can. As such, he like to keep things neat, clean, and well organized. Though he struggles with his nature, at his core, Arnold is the most concerned with watching out for himself and so he takes percautions to ensure that he does not get himself into any trouble. He is not unwilling to go out of his way to help a trusted friend, but even then he tends to put his own well being first.

Interests: As an intelligent, diligent craftsman, Arnold excels at his job and he puts significant effort into doing so, however his job as an armor excites him very little. Instead he lives vicariously through the men he interacts with. Intrigued by their stories of success and pained by their stories of loss. Tied to his interest of those out there ‘fighting the good fight’, he collect souvenirs of captured or collected arms and armor. While it is understood that intact weapons are collected upon reentering the base, a spent casing from a void-corp sabot round or a stutter pistol grip modified for a T’sa are still intriguing treasures in his eyes.

Vice: Arnold’s discomfort with the uncontrollable leads to a mild paranoia towards the one thing in his life that is constantly looming over him, which he has no control of, his commanding officers. For this reason, he is constantly concerned about one circulating rumor or another, worried about an upcoming inspection or change in protocol that will make his life miserable in one way or another. Unfortunately, Arnold’s concern for himself sometimes results in his promises being less than reliable.


Arnold Fitz

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