Alexandria Pridista


File Name: Alexandria Pridista “Klick”
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 20

Primary Military Specialty: Infantry
Secondary Military Specialty: Demolitions
Affiliation: Galactic Affiliation of Freedom
Unit: Spider Strike Force
Rank: E-4 Corporal


Appearance: A tall, slender woman, Alexandria is meticulous in maintaining her appearance. Her uniform and equipment is always properly maintained and her long, dark hair is always pulled back in a tight ponytail. She takes pride in her appearance and even during combat operations it is not rare for her to be caught wearing just enough makeup to remain presentable.

Attitude: Alexandria is surrounded by an air of superiority and while she does not act particularly arrogant she often comes across as quite conceited. She strives to maintain a polite demeanor but if her subtle hints of disinterest are overlooked, she is quick to use more direct methods to get her point across, even if it happens to be blunt or rude. She generally refuses to confide in anyone.

Background: Alexandria’s parents were wealthy emissaries for the (something) corporation and at a young age it was instilled in her how important it was to act appropriately like a proper lady. She had little to want for as a child and was expected to marry into a wealthy family when she became of age. When her parents were killed by a UF corsair raiding party, her future was quickly ripped away from her. Leaving her younger sister in the care of family friends who had survived the devastating raid, she joined the GAF seeking revenge for her parents and in hopes of restoring an honorable name to her family. Her unflinching determination was not overlooked and during her training she was offered an opportunity to join an elite task force that would utilize her talents as well as her insatiable drive. Working as a member of the Spider Task Force, “Klick” as she became known by her companions, completed numerous high risk missions against the UF before they drew enough attention that they were targeted outright. Shortly after the fall of the Starduster IV Alexandria was taken prisoner. Only recently was she rescued and returned to the safety of the GAF base planet Nibiru.

Motivation: As the eldest heir to her families entitlements, Alexandria inherited more than just wealth, she inherited the responsibility of upholding the family name. She feels it is important to maintain a respectable lifestyle in every way that she can. While she struggles with the inner turmoil of losing her parents, she strives to prove that she can move on without them.

Interests: Alexandria plays her cards close to her chest, keeping her private matters very private. She trains hard, studies tirelessly, and appears to show interest in little else. What she does on her free time is apparently her own business and not that of the prying eyes of others.

Vice: The responsibility assumed after the loss of her parents weighs heavily on Alexandria. She finds it very hard to trust others and her standoffish attitude leaves little opportunity for her to confide in anyone besides herself.

Contacts: Caitlin Pridista – While they may not always agree on things, Alexandria still cares greatly for her sister however she was virulently opposed to her younger sisters decision to join the GAF and often squabbles with her over her presumptuous attitude.

Alexandria Pridista

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