Aaron Shields


File Name: Aaron Marx Shields
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 21

Primary Military Specialty: Spaceborne Weapons
Secondary Military Specialty: Public Relations
Affiliation: Galactic Affiliation of Freedom
Unit: Rift Runner “Rifter”
Rank: 0-1 Ensign


Appearance: Aaron has a stylish, outgoing presence to him that is welcoming despite feeling rather well practiced. He carries himself like an individual who is used to being scrutinized and while he comes across as very charismatic, his initial impression always feels a bit scripted and rehearsed. He keeps his uniform in pristine order and wears a pair of tactical shades nearly all of the time.

Attitude: Aaron speaks with practiced confidence and is generally upfront and outgoing when he first meets people. Once he has finished with the required pleasantries it is not uncommon for him to withdraw from the spotlight. He is powerfully present when it is necessary for him to be, but in generally he prefer to keep to himself or spend his time with his sister, Erin. Interrupting him when he is enjoying his personal time can often result in an unprovoked spat of ire.

Background: The son to the renown General Marx Shields, it was understood from the moment he was born that Aaron would be joining the GAF fleet. He however was not particularly interested in following in his fathers footsteps and procrastinated on the subject for as long as he could. He studied at a military academy but after graduation, instead of immediately entering into the GAF, he continued to pursuer his education, studying business and law. As things escalated in the war, his father made it clear that he had run out of patience with his prodigal child and it was time for him to fulfill his duty as a son. He was not an only child. His twin sister, Erin, had signed up to become a naval officer a year before he did, and just as it had with her, his assignment into the GAF sparked a media frenzy. He was assigned to serve besides his sister on a prototype transport ship where he continues to serve as the ships weapons officer.

Motivation: The legacy of his father weighs heavily on Aaron who is far more concerned with getting by and saving face rather than impressing anyone. What he lacks in self confidence, he makes up for in dutiful obedience towards his fathers name. He works hard to ensure that he does not make a fool of himself, especially in the spotlight of the relentless media.

Interests: Aaron’s interest in legal and business studies has fallen to the wayside and he spends most of his time trying to keep up with the tasks given to him. From time to time, particularly between starfall and starrise, he finds solace in relaxing and playing the electric violin, which he has become quite adept at. While he is content to enjoy this time alone, he also has no problem entertaining other as this is the one endeavor he does not fret over.

Vice: The feeling that everyone is watching and waiting for him to fail quickly grinds away at Aaron’s patience. His lack of self confidence is often manifested in a short temper and a tendency to over react in a very defensive manner.

Contacts: Erin Shields – His twin sister, Erin, is Aaron’s lighthouse in a storm of insecurities. The two of them are very close and he confides in her in nearly every aspect of
his life.

Aaron Shields

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