Alternity - Tides of War

The Buzz 102713

Look what the Kat dragged in! We had an early return from the last mission. Almost a week early in fact. Mums the word of course, but lets be honest, none of us are all that surprised to see a Rifter team come back before the 121 Hour deadline. However, this time, they brought an entire extra team back with them. It appears to have been a medical evac. Word is that James Gallion took a round to the chest. He’s in sick bay and he’s healing up nicely, but keep him in your thoughts guys. Hang in there buddy, and get well soon!

In celebration of the successful mission and the teams early return, we finally got to throw ourselves that long overdue starfall party we have been waiting for! I decided to keep my eye on the new guys and I am happy to say that I was pleasantly rewarded by that decision. The evening began with shots at the door for each of them. Airborne drinks hard, and fast, and his pickup-lines are a little unpolished, so Tony had to tag him out early, trading out Kebdro’s motor cleaner for some water to help minimize the poor guys hangover.

Next up to the plate was Kirk Smith, the newly reappointed leader of this little band of blunderers. He came out swinging hard with Erin as his target, but as usual, Aaron number two came in from the flank, and with Shields at full power, they moved off to the far corner. Unflinching, he re-positioned his feet, pointed to the bleachers, and readied himself for that home run swing. Unfortunately, he was barking up the wrong tree. She toyed with him like a Kat playing with a ball of yarn. I feel your pain man, we have all been there. In the end, he did manage to secure quite an interesting wager, but we will get to that later. He made the wise choice and decided to bunt before striking out completely and by the end of the night it looked like Laura enjoyed his company as much as he enjoyed hers.

Tef slipped off with Kebdro, and while we are all hoping that he was getting a little scale on scale action, it’s much more likely that he was off showing her his engine. I wish that was an innuendo. That fast talking light weight could sink a fleet of ships with his lose lips alone.

And last, but certainly not least, Center stage for the main show, as usually, our very own Sel’daarn Chapman! She came to the party with Fitz, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. However, that’s when things started to get interesting. She took to Kebdros Gin like a fish to water and before long she was stumbling from one embarrassing conversation to the next. The most touching of which was a therapy session with Laura, and the most interesting of course was her short, but very direct, conversation with Caitlin. Remember that wager I breezed over earlier? Well that’s because you have to keep the best for last.

You see, before his second strike, our hero Kirk convinced Kat to agree to a little wager. The exact wording, which I learned through an elaborate game of telephone with a bunch of incredibly inebriated onlookers, was “I bet you two thousand credits that you won’t do something completely outrageous during this party.” So at the end of the night, so as not to be found wanting, Kat won the bet with a quick slap on Sel’s ass, and some whispered words. The two then politely adjourned to the room directly adjacent to the party, where they proceeded to shuck each others clothes, and perform their own live rendition of a nature’s channel mating special. While we all owe Kirk a debt of gratitude, his camera skills were a bit lacking. While we did not get any photographic evidence of a Kat devouring a young Fraal woman, we did get quite a few shots of Kirk’s very interested facial expressions. The camera was backwards dude…. Seriously!?

Hey, “If you can’t beat it, Embrace it.” Welcome to the war Bad Luck Brigade. It’s good to have you!

Buzz, out.



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