Alternity - Tides of War

The Buzz 101313

Buzz here! Finally off of pot cleaning duty and back to humbly serving the good people of Nibiru with the tastiest eats and delicious tales and treats. As I’m sure most of you are already well aware, the fleet took it’s sweet time getting back to us. Looks like the xenophobic bastards are getting better at predicting our jumps so there has to be even more twists and turns to our little game of cat and mouse. Speaking of Kats, she couldn’t follow through with the party we were all so eagerly awaiting, so she provided us with a little show instead! For those of you who missed the little chow-hall tussle, I did my best to catch it on Video. Don’t judge my camera work. I’m a performer, not a producer! Word is that the fleet leaves again tomorrow so for those of you heading out, stay safe and hurry back. The rest of us will hold down this little rock while you’re gone. Buzz, out.



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