Alternity - Tides of War

The Buzz 052528

The Buzz is Back Baby! After a long hiatus the network is finally up and running again and when I found the bastard who tore it down there will be hell to pay let me tell you that! Anyone who think’s it’s just a coincidence that my private network was disabled right around the same time that everyone around the base started having memory lapse’s is just fooling themselves! I’ll get to the bottom of it and until then I’m on a strict “Non-Military Diet”. It’s a bad sign when a man wont eat the food he just prepared but someone has to get to the bottom of all of this craziness and since no one else is up for the challenge I guess that someone has to be me!

So I guess I will hit you all with a down and dirty summary of what’s new on our little space station. To start it off, it must be winter on this little rock that we live on because everyone seems to be cuddling up for warmth lately. Nemei and Airborne have been staying up late at night checking each others systems, Kat and Sel have been enjoying cake with one another, and Smith, now that he’s up and about again, spends more nights out of his room than in it. I of course have been playing hard to get just to make sure that Mandy realizes what a catch I am but I think we all know where that’s heading.

There’s a new kid on the base who seems to be pretty quick with computers, he even helped me get this thing up and running again. Kat laid him out in the chow hall on the first day and he’s still nursing a shiner from it, but he seems like a cool enough guy to me and it would be nice to have someone around who I can talk shop with. He even helped Taf out with her mech, which has been tearing up the Think Tank dance floor as well as a few corridors and it managed to do quite a number on the track. Rumor is that gunny OJ wasn’t too happy about it, but you gotta see that machine in action, it’s pretty damn sick.

They’re consolidating rooms again which means we can probably expect some new blood in the future. I’m bunking with Eddy for now. He tends to keep to himself so it’s no skin off my back. I heard Our Lady Pridista was dragging people out into the halls with all of their stuff earlier today and just shoving them into whatever rooms were available. Hey, at least we will all get to make some new friends!

There is word that the cyborg they brought in on the next mission is still alive, though he’s supposed to be kinda a mess. I noticed that they ran a cable line from his room in medical all the way own to the hanger bay for whatever reason. I guess they are afraid to give him access to a network. Sounds like the BLB will be pushing out on a mission soon so we will all need to wish them back and hopefully welcome them home with a good old fashion starfall party. Keep safe out there guys and bring my baby back to me in one piece! ;)

- Buzz Out



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