Alternity - Tides of War

The Buzz 030427

Ladies and Gentlemen there is a Goddess among us! For those of you who haven’t yet met her, we have a new addition to our strange little family here on Nibiru. Mandy is a fiery little redhead with a playful attitude and an affinity for the finer things in life. Like cakes, and long walks in the park! If gingers don’t have souls I would gladly give her mine! Seriously though, She is awesome. She’s a blast to hang out with and damn near everyone enjoys her being around. She came in on a shuttle with the Bad Luck Brigade while they were returning from Pompeii. I guess she met the Pridista sisters while Mr Morphine Fingers was fixing them up from their last mission, and she even got a full tour of the Rift Runner from Sel and Lcpl Exusia, which is more than I ever got! Meanwhile, Taf managed to get her robot walking, though I guess it did a better job of spinning in circles than it did of actually getting anywhere. Hang in there Tef! You’ll get it right some day!

Now there was a little bit of drama when Mandy first arrived. I guess she went down the park with Michael and Smith for a while and that’s where she ran into Tafadzwa. Taf brought her back here to the chow-hall where we baked up on of those instant cake rations that we have for God knows how long (to be honest I don’t even know why we have them…) and we were all sitting around regaling our various combat stories when the command appointed lynch mob arrived.

I had no idea what was going on but I assume it had something to do with her being a psionic. It looked for a moment like Sel had calmed things down, and that’s when Smith made another one of his patented ‘brilliant discussion’ and slapped a collar around the poor girls neck. A moment later, the hallway literally burst into flames. I thought she was hot before she started throwing fire around. I gotta be honest, there is something incredibly attractive about a woman who can handle herself! If you know what I mean!

As is standard procedure, all hell broke lose. Mandy took off down the hall (taking my heart with her), and Smith issued some incredibly compelling commands (“Get Er!”) just before Sel knocked him unconscious with a flying trey (unfortunately, the very same trey our cake had been on). In the end Lcpl Exusia managed to catch up with her and everything settled down again. In fact, the very next morning everyone seemed to be getting along again. Which was convenient because they were all receiving promotions. I respect the traditions behind such awards, but lets be honest. They are all the same, and the process takes forever. I was actually more excited to hear that Taf got a ‘Good Cookie’ award than I was to hear that she had been promoted. Just don’t tell her it’s called that. She may try and eat it.

Since then things have been crazy around here. Sel got pulled off the BLB and Toymaker was moved over to replace her, which has put Our Lady Pridista in a less than quaint mood. Taf and Arborne were sent off to take some type of Advanced Mechanical Training course, and there is some big campaign against the UC going down. It sounds like we finally have the jump on them, but it means things have been a little non stop lately. Another unit passed through here and it sounds like they may be launching operations out of Nibiru until this thing gets settled. They have some ambiguous number assigned to their unit, but each and every one of them is sporting a black widow emblem. I know I wasn’t around to see it, but I thought that Spider unit was disbanded when their leader went AWOL or somethin. I can’t be sure, but I’m pretty sure most of them are rocking tech upgrades too. Their commander is for sure, and there is something about her that just makes my skin crawl.

I’m not saying I don’t enjoy the company, but I am saying that it’ll be nice to have more familiar faces back around here soon.

- Buzz Out



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