Alternity - Tides of War

The Buzz 030417

I would like to start this weeks Buzz with a little Public Service Announcement. What happens in Space Vegas, Stays in Space Vegas. Unless of course you are Sel, who could not help but continue to be a spectacle even once we were on our way home. I already have to tolerate my imagination of what you and Fitz do behind close doors, I should not be made to suffer that sight in real life, and Tony looked more upset than I was. No wonder they kept us all locked away in the cargo room on the initial trip. What has been seen, cannot be unseen.

I’d like to take a moment to thank Erin for helping a handful of us who had kinda lost our heads. I was pretty sure that smith was going to knock your brother out just to get to that monster in his holding cell. Not that I blame him in the least. We all want that bastard to get what’s coming to him, sometimes we just forget the consequences of acting to hastily. Plus, it sounded like Smith really had some things he needed to get off of his chest. That guy’s had a rough life. It’s no wonder he loses it from time to time.

Aurborne came in pretty damn torn up, but that psychotic machine of his fixed him up pretty good. That thing gives me the creeps. I think I would have taken my chances with the gunshot wound. None the less, the Runner made it back to base with out any on-board casualties and only minor emotional scaring. That is from the trip. The scaring from the mission is going to run a lot deeper, and I don’t know if it’s something I’ll ever get over. I do know that it changed me, and not entirely for the better. Smith had to drag me into a hall and give me an earful to set me straight, so I would like to apologize. I was really upset and I needed someone to blame, and like a fool, instead of blaming the enemy, I started to blame a friend. Cpl Pridista, I may not agree with what you did, but I shouldn’t have been rallying people against you the way I was. I was out of line.

It wasn’t easy for anyone on the crew to watch the target get marched off the ship when we all would have preferred to see him carried out in a body bag. Erin, I don’t know how you kept him in line. He looked like he was about to snap when Smith spoke out, but you just calmly ordered and he obeyed. Maybe he’s broken after all. Luckily, we all had something to take our mind off of it as soon as Eddy started talking. The whole “What happens in Space Vegas” rule only applies if you keep your Own mouth shut. Not that it really matters, I don’t think anyone knows what the hell he was talking about it. I sum it up in a quick bulleted list.

Met a tentacled alien stripper at a bar.
Intoxicated by said aliens tentacle roofies.
Lured into an alleyway where a second alien the size of a pixy seduced him into going back to her place.
Hooked up with the pixie girl who then Literally crawled into his mind, and used his body to do some type of political protesting.
Ended up trapped inside of a car compactor at a junkyard where he Died before waking up at the bar again.
I simply lack the educational background to even begin to psychoanalyze that kinda shit. Seek professional help buddy! Apparently at least one part of it was true, he was drugged by something. Something pretty strong. It would have landed him in the infirmary under personal guard if Tony hadn’t cut a few corners to get him out early. Which is good, because they would have both ended up missing the Starfall Party!

I wasn’t sure at first that there would be a turn out. Our lady Pridista didn’t make an appearance, neither did Laura. Tef said she found Kat in her room with Sel, but it looked like she had been crying. However, Sel talked her into showing up and I think it was good for her, because it looked like she was having a blast, plus it created this amusing little love triangle that was quite amusing to watch. Fitz hit the dance floor like a man on a mission but Sel, who had obviously shown some interest on the ship, was more focused on making sure that Kat was enjoying herself. Kat was talking with Erin, pulling out all the stops while wingmaning for her man Smith, who at that point, hadn’t even showed up yet!

I guess that’s more of a love pentagon. Whatever it was, it was only the beginning of the drama. The crowd started to die down. At first I though people were losing interest, but then I noticed Aurborne leaving Tef, Kebdro, and then later come back for Fitz. I later learned there was a little geek workshop going on that I had somehow not been invited to! Stop double booking my parties punks! I digress. This was only really relevant because it meant that by the time Smith did make his appearance, everyone noticed. He was glowing, and who could blame him. If I was about to show up to a party knowing a girl as gorgeous as Miss Shields was waiting for me, I’d be glowing too.

However, Smith specializes in complicating simple things! So after only a brief discussion with Erin, he decided to go check in with Tony. The story is that Tony was supposed to be watching Eddy, but since no one wants to miss a good party, the two of them compromised and Tony gave Eddy a shot of Torpid. I’ve only heard stories about that shit, but I guarantee if Eddy hadn’t been drugged out of his mind in the first place, he never would have agreed to it! Smith was convinced that Eddy had suffered from more than just drugs, and instead offered up the idea that maybe he had been toyed with by a Psycher.

What’s so lovely about spending time in the military is that you get to meet people from all walks off life, from various planets and systems all throughout the verge, which means you get to see these cute little social distinctions that just wouldn’t happen if everyone was on the same page. I think Tony was just shocked that Smith would say something like that, but Aaron looked genuinely offended. Everyone is aware of the ongoing spat between Smith and Sel so the argument might have ended with the two of them just having a little distaste for each other, but something Smith said was enough to push Aarons buttons.

While it is not the first time that the phrase “Stay the fuck away from my sister.” has been uttered at a party, this is the first time I have heard it yelled at the top of someones lungs, in a room that already had a dwindling population. It was certainly enough to get Erin involved in the argument, which somehow resulted in Sel getting involved as well. Erin defended her brother, and Sel attempted to defend Smith, though in all honestly, she did way more damage than help. Whether it was deliberate or not, I have no clue. In the end, the twins left together with Aaron still looking pissed and Erin looking like she was on the verge of tears. Smith left looking like he had just been sideswiped by a Semi and Sel left looking like she may or may not make it back to her room before passing out. I think I saw Kat leave with Amy from accounting, so hell, maybe Someone had a good time at least.

Drama sells ladies and gentlemen! Someday I’m going to pour all of this into a book, and make millions. Until then I’m just going to have to keep accepting under the counter bribes to make sure you all keep getting the good shit at the chowhall instead of the stuff that was sent to us during the first week of the war!

~Buzz Out.




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