Alternity - Tides of War

The Buzz 030416

I don’t care if I have to personally murder every single fucking person associated with the United Cause, I will find a way to make those piece of shit, good for nothing, subhuman Things pay for what they have done. There is no extent to the depths of cruelty they possess and therefore there should be no limit to the methods we use to eradicate the vermin. I hope that REDACTED never dies, but lives an eternal life of endless suffering at levels so extreme that I am at a loss of words to describe them.

This mission was a tragedy. It was our role to draw attention and we did just that. Everyone who has joined the Galactic Affiliation of Freedom understood the risks involved, but civilians are a different situation. They didn’t agree to put their lives on the line for one cause or the other. REDACTED sent his scumbag guards to kidnap Sel, but because they are filthy raciest monsters they took it upon themselves to cleanse the world of a few good, honest people. Spartacus was dead the moment he opened the door. He was a quiet guy who had never harmed a fly. The UC soldiers then started to open fire on the entire room. These people were guilty of nothing but wanting to have a good time, and of having the courage to associate themselves with other species.

Sel was beaten nearly senseless for trying to fight back and protect her friends. I was shot in the side while trying to protect a very sweet young lady who had already been shot herself. When it was all over, Tony did all he could to help people, but in the end I had to leave them all there in that disaster. The worst part is that I will never know if she is ok. Ill never get to speak to her again. Not until all of this is over. I’m going to the range every day. I’m going to work myself until my body collapses. Until I am strong enough to make a difference in this war and finally put an end to all of the suffering. The UC has to pay for their crimes.

Alexandria Pridista is an insane zealot. She put the mission above the lives of every individual in that room. She is the reason those innocent people are dead. She even took a shot at her own damn sister just to maintain her fucking cover. I’m going to do everything in my power to have her stripped of rank so that she can’t make that type of horrible decision ever again. She is playing God and she has no right to do so. People have to be held accountable to their actions and she is no different.

If you ask me, Kirk had it right. We could have solved this entire problem with a single bulled through the middle of REDACTED‘s fucking forehead. Kirk shouldn’t have been removed from command, he should have been given a fucking medal.



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