Alternity - Tides of War

The Buzz 030314

Combat Log 030414

I am writing this entry from deep behind enemy lines. We are deep under cover, surrounded by enemy combatants, cut of from friendly supply lines, surviving entirely off of our wit, training, and dedication to the cause of freedom for all races. Tension is running high. I have come to accept the fact that the lives of everyone on this mission rest on my shoulders, and I fear that I may bucked under the weight of that. In our struggle to maintain our secret covers, I have already made what could be a fetal flaw. If my mistakes cost TL Smith and his teammates their lives, that is a burden that I will have to shoulder for the rest of my life. In the event that my life comes to an end at the hands of our vile enemy, or the vengeful wrath of a scorned teamleader, I hope that this documentation somehow finds its way back to our forces so that our efforts may be remembered. To follow is a list of detailed events as best as I could recall them.

- Pvt Marcus Busbey

The Buzz 030315

With no intention of making anyone jealous, I have to say, if you are not here now you would Not believe the incredible journey I have just been through. The Rift Runner is an Incredible ship, and while I can’t give you any details I will say that she could easily make the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs. The ride over was a bit different than I expected. We weren’t permitted to leave the cargo bay unless we had proper clearance. It ended up being pretty crowded because the operation is a bit more complicated that I had originally expected and required a large number of people to be involved.

The first team consisted of Kirk, Laura, James, and Cpl Pridista. Kirk will be entering the cassino as a rich big wig, James as his bodyguard, and the two lovely ladies as his arm candy. As such, the team has been affectionately nicknamed the ‘Slinky Dress’ team. Their real job is to profile the target, smuggle the device in, and keep James close enough to reach the target when the time comes. The second team, lead by Airborne, will consist of Tony, Eddie, Tef, and Fitz. Eddie will be in charge of arranging the proper paperwork when needed, Tef will survey the ventilation system (which I heard she began quite eagerly nearly the moment they arrived), Airborne and Fitz will actually fix things, and Tony is there just in case they need some muscle. In theory, their job is to build some kind of explosive, and use it to give James an opportunity to reach the target, as such they have been nicknamed the “Commando Team”. Lastly, Sel will be working with myself, Kat, and Buba to form the Distraction Team!

We spent the ride over memorizing our cover stories and practicing lying. An art that I was surprised to learn I am quite poor at, but I quickly learned that quite a few members of the team were quite adept at it. No judging. We got to pick fake names. Sel stayed as she was, but Kat is going by Crystal, and Ive chosen the name Watsky! A name that I have no doubt will be famous on the planet for quite a while! Even so, none of it really prepared me. Once we landed it all came on in such a rush. Everyone went on a shopping spree to buy new cloths and accessories. Which was a blast for everyone, except for the Commando Team who couldn’t exactly pick up janitor jumpsuits at the nearest fashion store, so Airborne had Eddie adjust the paperwork to make it the casino’s job to provide the uniforms. He may not be a man of many words, but the gears in that mans head are always a-turnin.

The lemo ride to the cassino was wild and it was only the beginning. Kat and Sel look sexy as hell in the hot little skirts they bought. They catch the eye of every guy they pass, which I guess is the point, though it doesn’t make it any easier for me to focus! Sel met up with some old friends Beelzebub and Spartacus have hooked us up with an outrageous suite at the very top of the casino. On the way over we picked up this guy Sam who is using a set of optical goggles to record the whole weekend for some special Sel’s agent agreed to put out. I was feeling some skeptical glares coming my way so I decided to spit some fire and give everyone a little taste of my lyrical genius. Belz was so impressed, he even hooked me up with a little studio recording time. The rest of the night has been insane! The music is banging like thunder, the champagne is pouring down like rain and the cocaine is blowing through here like a fucking hurricane. If you thought Sel was sassy on base, you should see her when they let her off her leash. Some of the shit she says even has Kat blushing. It’s like the most wild, never ending party you could possibly imagine! Which is killing me because people keep pulling me away from it to work a little technical magic and keep the mission on course. I guess I just gotta keep my head above water and keep my mind focused. SPACE VEGAS!

P.S. Erin baby, in the Buzz before this one, I used a pickup line on you that I am now realizing was a Little over the top, so I decided to make up for it by going Way over the top and turning it into a soundtrack, music video and all. I hope you get a kick out of it. Mad props to my man Belz for the hook up. Maybe someday when this war is over, Ill get to chill with you again.

- Buzz



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