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The Buzz 030214

The Buzz is Back!

After a short delay in services, the network is back up and running! Someone thought they could work a Hex on me but you know what they say, when you mess with the best… Anyways… A lot has happened so I’ll do my best to get you all back up to speed. The BLB returned from their mission with a badly wounded Alexandri Pridista in tow (Don’t worry, she is doing fine now, and if the rumors are true, the whole ordeal even brought her and her sister close enough that they are speaking to each other again). I guess she decided to go toe to toe with a shotgun and it came out in a tie. Tefadswa and Kirk had to finish off the enemies in a round of overtime that left everyone a little shaken up. By the time they got back to the Rift Runner our Lady Pridista was in pretty bad shape, however apparently Kent too charge of the situation, everyone buckled down, and she managed to pull through and hold it together long enough to get back here and into surgery. Or at least that’s how Erin tells the story, and believe me she does tell it… often… I swear she would not stop going on about Kirk, which at the time had me particularly frustrated because I still wasn’t too fond of the guy after he tried to rearrange the side of my face! He did manage to redeem himself later that night at the starfall party though. The majority of us were discretely waiting to see what kind of show Sel would put on for us, but when Kat was nowhere to be seen and Sel and Arnold snuck off into a closet somewhere to entertain each other with a private performance, the parties attention quickly shifted to a growing argument between Kirk and Erin. She had nothing but pure blasphemy pouring from her lips! and the target of her ire? My Fried Salad. She doubted its deliciousness, but Kirk fervently defended my culinary masterpiece. Now I could have brought up countless individuals to testify on my behalf, but naysayers gonna nay-say. So I figured I’d settle this once and for all with a live demonstration. After one taste, she was sold and once Erin decided she liked it, Everyone liked it. She has that kinda effect on people.

On that note, Erin, if you are reading this, I’m working on a recipe for rich and exotic combinations of some fresh kinds of sexy, and I will cook for you all night long. ;)
(Yeah, I know it’s a long shot, but you’ll never hit anything if you don’t at least take a shot!)

Back to reality. The boys packed their bad luck up into their dufflebags and charged headlong into the next mission, and more literally, into the direct line of fire from a sabot cannon. James Galion has seen his fair share of phantom wounds in the past. I’m not going to say guess as to how much of it’s real or in his head but from what I hear he has seen a good deal of rough combat in the past so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt either way. That being said, there was Nothing phantom about this wound. Kebdro says you could literally see right though the guy. By all accounts he should have come back to us in a body bag, and he would have if it were not for Mr Morphine Fingers. Apparently he is the newest member of the Rift Runner crew. Some kind of medical bot that Arbourn built out of scrap pieces from the ship and left over parts from supply. I heard this all from Tef, who says the creation is quite terrifying. She was also eager to show me the new gift she had gotten from Kebdro. It’s some type of modified navigation gauntlet that lets her map out ventilation systems. I was worried at first that it was going to get her in trouble, but she claimed quite the opposite. She even explained how that morning it had helped her get to PT on time, where she had to wait impatiently for Kirk to finally show up.

With another successful mission behind them they wanted to celebrate. I keep a canteen of Kebdros gin in my barracks just in case I need to celebrate something, even if all I’m celebrating is the fact that I have a canteen of Kebdros gin in my barracks. So it wasn’t hard for them to convince me to throw a party together. James decided to celebrate his return to the living by drinking himself half to death. This was the first time he’d made it to a starfall party here on Nibiru but Kat say’s the two of them used to party from time to time when they were in a unit together. Either way, with the blood thinners in his system it didn’t take long before he was pushing his limit so Tony assigned himself to James and made sure the poor guy didn’t end up dieing a second time this week.

Meanwhile Sel was going out of her mind, or at least claiming she was able to. Something about being able to undo her thoughts or erase your memory. I honestly feel like the more drunk she got, the more it made sense, but by the end of the night she was Trashed, and it was still about as clear as a fog storm. At some point she managed to get herself into a political argument with the Shield twins. Anyone in their right mind would know better, but she was clearly not so the argument just grew more and more heated. At some point Kirk managed to smuggle Erin out to go “look at stars”. Which assuming it isn’t already a innuendo, it’s certainly a joke! The constellations don’t ever shift! Common Command! Are you even trying to fool us!? I digress… This left Aaron in what was quickly turning into a screaming match with Sel, who was quickly losing the favor of the growing crowd. Luckily Kat noticed from across the room and made her way through the crowd. She slipped in just as Aaron stormed off to go find his sister. The angry onlookers quickly became intrigued excited onlookers, who just as quickly became disinterested disappointed onlookers when Kat led Sel out of the room.

Apparently Kirk wasn’t the only one “not making innuendos”. Nemi was kind enough to provide us with these images to encapsulate her night with Aurbourn. She may be shy, but at least she has a sense of humor.



I’ve been chosen as one of a very select few to go out on a mission in the near future. I’ll be sure to post again as soon as I get back. Until then, keep it real, and don’t mess with my network! (I will find you!)

- Buzz Out.



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