Alternity - Tides of War

Mission Log – Sin City

Unit – 5166 Bad Luck Brigade

As proposed by PFC Smith, acting squad leader of unit 5166, I will be reporting the details of today’s events as well as a summery of how we expect for the mission to proceed tomorrow.

At 0600 this morning I awoke to find Lcpl Gallion incapacitated by a severe case of food poisoning. Obviously unable to perform his duties, and unaware of how long his condition would persist, it became obvious that for the mission to proceed, plans would need to be adjusted. Pvt Busbey was contacted and instructed to set up a secure communication network with all members of the squad so that a new plan of action could be disseminated. Sqn Ldr Dew, who was apparently already establishing planetside contacts, was able to procure the aid of a local surgeon sympathetic to our cause. He remains on standby in the event that Lcpl Gallion is still not well enough to complete his tasks in the necessary time frame. To further accommodate the situation, HM3 Diez was moved from PFC Arbourne’s team to PFC Smith’s team to fill in the role as PFC Smith’s bodyguard and also to provide medical attention to Lcpl Gallion as needed. Information gathered yesterday evening has provided us with an opportunity to gain control of our high value target. While speaking with him, PFC Smith was able to convince the target that he was working for the UC with intentions of talking PFC Chapman prisoner. Further details of that conversation can be found in Laura Cidney’s attached report.

The mission plan is to proceed as follows.

The morning of 030416 PFS Smith, HM3 Diez, Mrs Cidney, and myself will meet with the target and arrange for an appropriate time to seize PFC Chapman. In the mean time, Mrs Cidney will need to convince the target to go back to his room alone with her. The squad will then split into two teams.

Team 1:
During the raid on PFC Chapman’s room. Mrs Cidney will be responsible for using a series of prescription drugs, obtained by Sql Ldr Dew, that can be used to sedate the target. Once the target has been sedated, PFC Tafadzwa, who will be positioned in the ventilation shaft just outside of the targets room, will drop a concussion bomb, built from salvaged maintenance parts, onto the soldiers guarding the targets room. PFC Arbourne and Lcpl Gallion will be standing near by. When the bomb detonates, they will proceed into the hall way and further subdue the guards as needed. They will proceed into the targets room using the maintenance pass keycard provided by PFC Arbourne, and Lcpl Gallion will install the device. Once the task is completed they will immediately leave the area, Cpl Fitz will shut down the power to the cassino, and Cpl Fitz, PFC Arbourne, Lcpl Gallion, and PFC Tafadzwa will egress and rendezvous with the pickup ship. If at any point during this portion of the mission

Team 2:
In conjunction with the targets security force. Myself, PFC Smith, and HM3 Diez will move on PFC Chapman’s location. While the ultimate goal will be to take PFC Chapman into custody, it will be necessary to delay enough to provide Team 1 with enough time to implant the device in the target. The primary purpose of PFC Busbey, PFC Pridista, Pvt Smith, HM3 Diez, and Myself at this time is to minimize civilian casualties. Once Pvt Chapman is secured. Myself, Pvt Smith, and HM3 Diez will escort her, along with the targets guards, back to his location. The moment the power goes out. Pvt Chapman will begin her attempts to manipulate the targets will. She will convince him to take her to his vehicle, and from there to the pickup ship where men will be waiting to ambush any guards who continue to accompany him.

All remaining squad members will egress to the pickup location. Any team members who are lost or separated and cannot make it to the pickup before 0900 will instead proceed to the Globen Hotel where they will rent room 116 under the alias Erickson. No ID will be required to make the reservation. They will remain there for as long as possible but no longer than 48 hours. If after 48 hours they have not made contact with GAF forces they should proceed with escape and evasion tactics.



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